5252 Hollister St., Suite 201, Houston, TX 77040
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Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine is a Medical Center in Houston, TX at 5252 Hollister St. that focuses on bringing integrative health, functional medicine, and lifestyle medicine to the public. We focus on getting to the root cause of disease using the latest technology, advanced lab testing, and a personalized health care approach. We focus on medicine minimization and using food as medicine.

We are lead by Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD and serve the greater Houston areas.

In our facility, we have a primary care practice, Ruan Medical Group, that focuses on helping people to optimize their health to minimize their medication burden, reduce/eliminate medications, and prevent chronic diease. The focus is always on our patients and we utilize precision medicine to tailor a customized approach to each patient. While many people have the same diagnoses, not everyone arrived at the diagnosis the same way. We utilize genetics, microbiome, and environmental toxin load to carve out a specific and dedicated plan for disease reversal. To learn more, click HERE.

Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine Houston TX
5252 Hollister St., Suite 201, Houston, TX 77040
Phone: (713) 690-1991 Fax: (713) 690-1980
Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Friday: 8:30am - 3:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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