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Amy Bryant, NP

Amy Bryant, NP

Nurse Practitioner

"I have been an oncology nurse all over the country the last few years. I am finishing my training as a nurse practitioner to allow me to dedicated my life to practicing functional and integrative medicine. Discovering ways to target root causes of disease is exiting and offers my patient a comprehensive way in getting answers to the questions they've been harboring for a long time.

I am the director of infusion therapy here and will be utilizing tools such as IV vitamin C, vitamins, medications, and much more in achieving optimal results for patients. Commonn ailments treated with IV infusion therapy are chronic fatigue, chronic pain, rheumatologic conditions, cancers, weight loss, weight gain, and orthopedic issues.

We also administer IV medications including biologic agents for those with severe inflammatory diseases.

The integrative approach to our infusion center is what truly makes us unique."

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