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Amy Bryant, NP

Amy Bryant, NP

Nurse Practitioner

"I have a background in oncology nursing and through this I have developed a great passion for troubleshooting various health issues. During my training to become a nurse practitioner, I discovered functional medicine.  Practicing this type of medicine allows me to become an investigator for my patients.  Discovering ways to target root causes of disease offers my patient a comprehensive way of getting answers to the questions they've been harboring for a long time. I use evidence and science based medicine that takes into account the interplay between an individual's genetics, nutrition, environmental exposures, emotional stressors, and hormonal deficiencies.  I have made it my life's mission to become as knowledgeable as I can in understanding the complexities of the human body and the impact that our lifestyle and environment can have on our health.  Adopting a holistic approach to healthcare, I have found, is the best way to make a meaningful impact on my patients."

In addition to my work as a nurse practitioner, I run the IV infusion department at Texas Center of Lifestyle Medicine.  We have formulated specific micronutrient blends geared towards optimizing availability of key nutrients needed for the body to heal itself and improve cellular function. Giving these vitamins intravenously bypasses the gut and malabsorption issues that can be exacerbated by inflammatory conditions.  This modality is a useful addition to promote the natural healing process of the body while we work with out patients on lifestyle and diet modifications that can provide a lasting change. 

The integrative approach to our infusion center is what truly makes us unique."

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