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Ashley Phongsy, NP

Ashley Phongsy, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Ashley Phongsy has worked in healthcare for nearly twenty years. He started his career as an EMT which established his commitment and passion towards helping others. This endeavor eventually leaded him to become a nurse in 2008. As a nurse working for several major hospital systems, he began to realize that the current approach of our healthcare system was missing something.

In 2012 he started his Nurse Practitioner program. At that same time, he was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and elevated cholesterol. He had little guidance or support and was told that medications were his only options since it was mostly hereditary.

Based on his own experience he realized that medications could help, but most of the time failed to resolve his underlying issues. He also knew that once he was on medication, this would be a part of his daily routine. This was not something he personally wanted to do to maintain his health. Instead he opted not to start any medication as suggested and decided to do the opposite of what he had been doing for so many years. He decided to stop eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and became Plant based.

Within a month of being on a pure whole food plant-based diet, everything began to change and his overall health and functionality improved. He realized after these noted improvements, that lifestyle choices and especially a plant-based diet for him significantly influenced his overall health. Within four months of changing his lifestyle all of his previous abnormal labs were back to normal. More importantly he was feeling better than he had in the last several months.

By 2015 he completed his training as a Nurse Practitioner and still advocated a plant-based lifestyle. He started working for a plant-based Cardiologist, which provided him the opportunity to experience how lifestyle changes especially a plant-based diet can reverse many of the chronic health issues plaguing this country. What he personally experienced and learned professionally regarding the effectiveness of lifestyle changes and a plant-based diet was never emphasized as being a foundation of obtaining and maintaining good health.

Due to his own experience, he is committed to empowering people in making lifestyle changes to optimize their health. His professional goals are to support and assist people in evolving toward a healthier existence.,