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Cheng Ruan, MD

Medical Doctor

Dr. Ruan has a unique view when practicing medicine. He comes from a family of Chinese Medical Doctors who focus on natural healing and using food as medicine. The combination of eastern and western approaches is what makes Dr. Ruan unique in his approach to health and wellness.

"After attending medical school, I realized that the focus on nutrition was minimal. During my residency training, while I received some of the best medical training in New York City, I still lacked true knowledge in preventative care. I sought to learn how nutrition affects our bodies. I began my research in nutrition by studying the concepts of functional medicine, Chinese medicine, and buried my head in many nutrition journals.

I found that many chronic diseases can not only be treated by optimizing nutrition, but they can also be reversed. In 2015 I noticed that by using the dietary recommendations by current guidelines, I had tremendous trouble in trying to get people off of medicine for Type 2 Diabetes. It was at this time I began creating my own diet plan for my own patients. My philosophy in practicing medicine truly lies in the focus on reversing chronic disease. Although not all chronic illnesses can be cured, we can focus on significantly improving our quality of life by working together to put an end to unnecessary suffering."