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Diabetes Boot Camp in Houston, TX

Diabetes Boot Camp Therapy Clinic Houston

DIALUP - Diabetes Impact Academy for Lifestyle Utilization and Prevention. 

This is a program that focuses on empowering those with diabetes mellitus to take control of their blood sugars but optimizing all aspects of their health. Patients can expect to learn about food categorization, cooking techniques, behavior techniques, tracking, mindfulness and meditation. These medical visits occur over 12 weeks and are designed to cover different aspects of health and wellness. Medial visits are a combination of group sessions as well as individual provider visits to truly make an impact in health.

The goal of this program is to integrate lifestyle medicine and functional medicine principles in aiming to combat diabetes and consequences of long standing diabetes.

This program is based on his book “Ultimate Guide for Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Deluxe Edition: Bonus Simple Delicious Recipes” which is free for download if you have kindle unlimited. Physical copy available for purchase on Amazon.

LIVE Vitals Tracking with Support from Health Coach and Mind Body Medicine Expert

Participants may also opt for the L.I.V.E. tracking program where they are given blood sugar monitors, digital weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, and other relative equipment to allow remote monitoring of live data by our team of providers, health coaches, and our dietitian. This program allows participants to communicate with our team to truly provide accountability, monitoring, and support. Sessions are provided and designed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and our lead dietitian Mimi Chan, the co-author of the Ultimate Guide for Type 2 Diabetes Reversal.

Multistep group sessions focused on all aspects of healing.

  • Diabetes Mastermind Group Visit: Diabetes Mastermind class focuses on education of the diabetes disease state, complications, genetic considerations, and the mind-body connection. A new evidence based dietary approach developed by Dr. Ruan and registered dietitian Mimi Chan will be introduced.
  • Cooking and Nutrition Specifics: Group setting: physician, nurse practitoiner, dietitian and/or health coach demonstration of healthy foods and cooking. Group tasting and exploring of phytonutrient rich foods. Further focus will be on personalized nutrition discussions and incorporation of high quality supplements, foods, and eco-friendly products in our ONLINE STORE.
  • Eat and Behave for Hormone Health: Learn the connections between your body's hormones as well as how to eat and behave to optimize hormone balance as a foundation of blood sugar regulation and metabolism.
  • Gut Microbiome Optimization: Our gut bacteria not only helps with digestion and absorption, but it also helps regular blood sugar and hormone balance. Utilizing the 5 R's principles, we uncover the secrets to truly bring the body into balance by targeting the gut microbiome.
  • Activity, Movement and Exercise: We uncover ways to increase activity safely while maximizing your time spent on moving to allow for improved exercise tolerance. An introduction into mind-body techniques such as tai chi and qi gong will be introduced.
  • Sleep, Stress, and Social Circles: We uncover the invisible stressors that may allow hormonal imbalance and blood sugar spikes. Sleep hygiene, relaxation, and dealing with the social environment either in personal or virtually are a large part of blood sugar regulation.

Mind-Body Medicine Techniques are Clinically Shown to Benefit Diabetics.

  • Autogenics and Biofeedback Sessions: Our mind is a powerful thing. This session explores our mind's power in its ability to weave between autonomic nervous system states. This allows for improvement of most of our bodily biochemical and physical functions.
  • Breath and Moving Meditation: The process of connecting our mind, body, and breath allows for a connected and inviting healing experience through Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises.
  • Guided Imagery: This technique has been used by famous atheles, actors, and world leaders to expand their minds. This is achieved by our Mind Body Medicine practitioner guiding you on visual and auditory journeys to empower total body healing.
  • Meditation: The benefits of meditation have been shown to even change our own DNA expression. Learning to meditate especially in groups are powerful techniques to mend the mind, body, spirit, and relationships.
  • Trauma to Transformation: Childhood and even inherited traumas invade our conscious and subconcious mind. True healing can occur through forgiveness and inner discovery.
  • Body Awareness: Body scanning is used to get in touch with detailed parts of ourselves and transitioning to a wider acceptance of our true self.

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To schedule individual appointments for one on one sessions, please call or text us at 713-597-4521.

Program Cost: These programs are billed through insurance just like a regular visits at the doctors office. Cost depends on services rendered as well as our contract with your insurance. Please call for cash pricing. Supplements, individual health coaching, and IV nutritional therapies are all optional are typically not covered by insurances.

Insurances we are in network with: Medicare, Tricare Select, United Healthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, all Memorial Hermann plans, Most Medicare Advantage Plans, Community Health Choice, Ambetter, Superior Health Plans.

Programs start every week. Text us at 713-597-4521 to see if we are in network with your insurance.

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