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Diabetes Boot Camp in Houston, TX

We have a free online resource designed by Cheng Ruan, MD and Mimi Chan, RD. This is a program focused on type 2 diabetes reversal through using food as medicine! Please get access to the free download here: lols.ruanmd.com. To have a complete diabetes workup, please visit our practice. We also offer Diabetes Group Therapy utilizing the Layers of Living Success.

Diabetes Boot Camp Therapy Clinic Houston

Type 2 Diabetes Boot Camp

The Diabetes Boot Camp is an intensive one week long boot camp that focuses on the root cause of diabetes in each patient. The focus is on normalizing blood sugars, balancing hormonal changes, eating the right anti-inflammatory foods, neuropathy screening, lifestyle changes, exercise training, health coaching, personalized supplements, and group support. Groups will be lead by Cheng Ruan, MD, Cassandra the dietitian, health coaches, and fitness professionals. This program is based on his book “Ultimate Guide for Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Deluxe Edition: Bonus Simple Delicious Recipes” www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Diabetes-Reversal-Deluxe-ebook/dp/B01M3SDHI0 which is free for download if you have kindle unlimited. Physical copy available for purchase on Amazon.

7-Day Intensive Boot Camp Program

  • Day 1: Individual full evaluation with our diabetes provider (physical exam, neuropathy screening, medication management, body impedance analysis).
  • Day 2: Group setting: dietitian discussion, eating plan discussion, personalized nutrition, incorporation of high quality supplements (online store found here: txlifemed.metagenics.com/store).
  • Day 3: Learn food prep techniques, incorporate low carb lifestyle, learn what to order when eating out, plan for success, health coaching.
  • Day 4: Battle food addiction, learn how to listen to your body, share progress with the group.
  • Day 5: Food journal review, symptoms check-in, medication re-review (usually this is the day we change, reduce, or eliminate medications, but it can happen earlier in the course of the program).
  • Day 6: Exercise training and discussion with physical therapist.
  • Day 7: Share success stories, recap on last 6 days, plan for future success, Enter into our diabetes boot camp continuity program.

Diabetes Boot Camp Continuity Program: 1-3 Month Continuity Program

  • Health coaches to make sure you’re on track.
  • Physical therapy and fitness professionals to make sure you're exercising safely.
  • Regular provider visits to modify, reduce, or eliminate medications if deemed safe.
  • Close follow up with dietitians for individualized dietary modification.

Program Cost: These programs are billed through insurance just like any other visits at the doctors office. Cost depends on your particular insurance. Supplements, acupuncture, health coaching, and IV nutritional therapies are all optional and they are cash price (not billed through insurance). Pricing depends on extensiveness and types of services.

Programs start every Monday, call us to book your appointment.

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