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Group Medical Visits in Houston, TX

A group visit gathers together patients with similar medical needs or conditions for medical care in an extended appointment with multiple health care professionals. Our diagnosis based group visits not only allow our patients to be empowered by a personalized dedicated plan but also let them know that their peers are suffering through similar struggles. Group visits are typically over 2 hours long (up to 4 hours) and consists of a visit with one of our physicians and/or nurse practitioners, a health coach, a fitness trainer (if applicable), a physical therapist (if applicable), and even some guests who are experts in their field!

These visits are typically billed through insurance (including Medicare) and is focused on delivering quality value through empowerment. Our team is designed to coordinate care with the patient as the center point. We pride ourselves in open communication with our patient’s other health care providers so that healthcare is optimized. These visits are for any patients who are established in Ruan Medical Group (our primary care practice). Those who wish to participate in a group visit will need a one on one visit (either through telemedicine or in person) with one of our nurse practitioners.

Group Medical Visits Houston
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