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Group Functional and Lifestyle Medicine Visits in Houston, TX

L.I.V.E. - Lifestyle Integration for Vital Evolution

Lifestyle Integration for Vital Evolution (L.I.V.E.) is a valuable multidisciplinary program of shared medical appointments designed for patients at the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine. Disease-specific programs have been specifically developed and patients can select the track that is right for them.

Each visit, our patients will interact with a team of functional medicine providers, health coaches, behavioral health professionals, mind-body medicine practitioners, and other members of the community such as local farmers and chefs.

Patients also have an opportunity to elect to be tracked by our L.I.V.E. remote monitoring program using various bluetooth enabled devices. This allows our health coaches and providers to access live data to help prevent hospital visits, encourage lifestyle change, and even help our patients taper off of medicines.

Our L.I.V.E. tracks consist of:

  1. DIALUP - Diabetes Impact Academy for Lifestyle Utilization and Prevention
  2. MOVEUP - Metabolic Optimization Via Energy Upregulating Principles
  3. Hormone Optimization Track
  4. Autoimmune Optimization Track
  5. Brain Optimization Track
  6. Gut Healing Strategies Track
  7. Mind-Body Medicine Track

DIALUP - Diabetes Impact Academy for Lifestyle Utilization and Prevention

This is a program that focuses on empowering those with diabetes mellitus to take control of their blood sugars but optimizing all aspects of their health. Patients can expect to learn about food categorization, cooking techniques, behavior techniques, tracking, mindfulness and meditation. These medical visits occur over 12 weeks and are designed to cover different aspects of health and wellness. The goal of this program is to integrate lifestyle medicine and functional medicine principles in aiming to combat diabetes and consequences of long standing diabetes. Participants may also opt for the L.I.V.E. tracking program where they are given blood sugar monitors, digital weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, and other relative equipment to allow remote monitoring of live data by our team of providers, health coaches, and our dietitian. This program allows participants to communicate with our team to truly provide accountability, monitoring, and support. Sessions are provided and designed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and our lead dietitian.

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MOVEUP - Metabolic Optimization Via Energy Upregulating Principles

This program focuses on targeting metabolic issues using lifestyle and mind-body medicine techniques. Disease states targeted are high blood pressure, high cholesterol/dyslipidemia, low metabolism, obesity, prediabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis of blood vessels, and large waist sizes. Participants in this 12 week program can expect to learn all aspects of health using functional and lifestyle medicine principles. Examples include cooking sessions, mindfulness, meditation, micronutrient incorporation, and exercise. Sessions are provided and designed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurse practitioners, health coaches, and our lead dietitian. Participants may also opt for the L.I.V.E. tracking program where they are given digital weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, and other relative equipment to allow remote monitoring of live data by our team of providers, health coaches, and our dietitian. We use the data to guide the patient on their own personalized journeys for success.

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Hormone Optimization Track

This track is designed for hormonal optimization using key functional medicine and lifestyle principles. While most people associate hormone problems as a deficiency or an excess, the truth is that it is always a balance. Our bodies create and inhibit hormone activation due to external factors. Key hormone pathways such as the thyroid, pituitary, sex hormones, adrenal glands, hypothalamus, pancreas, and fat cells all play a roll into the balance. Focusing on one hormone for optimization, although is the standard of care, is not the ideal way for total body balance. Participants who choose this track typically has any of the following diagnosis: thyroid disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause/perimenopause syndrome, acne, adrenal fatigue, and low testosterone.

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Autoimmune Optimization Track

Autoimmune disease exists in 1 out of 250 people and the numbers are dramatically increasing. With over 50 million Americans having autoimmune disease, and numbers closing on 80 million for those who are not diagnosed yet, the ability of the conventional medical system of a drug for a symptom is not addressing the underlying issue. The Autoimmune Optimization Track focuses on the root causes of autoimmune disease and what can be done to improve these outcomes. This 12 week program is designed for our patients to be in shared visits to target all aspects of autoimmunity. Disease states targeted include but are not limited to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto's thyroid disease, Grave’s Disease, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis), polymyalgia rheumatica, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diabetes, sarcoidosis, vasculitis syndromes, Sjogren’s syndrome, autoimmune hepatitis, and autoimmune kidney diseases. Functional medicine principles with evidence based techniques allow this program to allow participants to understand that autoimmune disease can be controlled with the right approaches.

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Brain Optimization Track

This track is focused on neuroregeneration. This means that tactics will be employed for the brain to access our body’s innate ability to regenerate. This is designed for those with brain disorders, mental health disorders, and memory issues. Diseases targeted include those with histories of strokes, Alzheimer’s dementia, vascular dementia, seizure disorders, Parkinson’s Disease/Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), depression, anxiety disorders, and other mood disorders. This 12 - 24 week program focuses on all aspects of lifestyle medicine, mind-body medicine, and functional medicine to promote brain health.

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Gut Healing Strategies Track

This 12 week program focuses on healing the largest organ in the human body: the second brain, otherwise known as the gut microbiome. This track focuses on healing gastrointestinal and oral tracts. This is designed for those with gut and bowel disorders such as acid reflux, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, chronic bloating, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity syndrome, gallbladder disease, and other gut disorders. Functional medicine principles and techniques will be uncovered to explore the root cause of gut disorders. A large focus will be on optimizing all aspects of digestion and reducing inflammation through reasonable and smart tactics that are based on clinical evidence.

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Mind-Body Medicine

The Mind is a powerful tool against chronic diseases. Recently it has been shown that meditation can even change the way our DNA is expressed. Furthermore, mind-body medicine techniques are widely researched to benefit almost every chronic physician and psychological disease state.

Mind-Body Skills Groups are a core component of every L.I.V.E. program and offer a powerful and effective combination of research based healing therapies to help participants deal with life changes, stress, and illness in an intimate and supportive group setting. The groups are small, usually no more than 10 people, which allows for a deeper level of connection, sharing, and support. All of the groups meet at a set day and time which provides an opportunity for participants to begin to integrate the mind-body skills into their lives.

This is a powerful tool against chronic diseases and mental illness that is missing in western medicine. Mind body medicine may hold the key to optimizing critical health outcomes that plague our nation.

We are Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine are proud to feature Geny Moreno, our Mind-Body Medicine Certified Practitioner to lead each session. She is also an expert in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which focus on connecting the body’s deliberate movements with mind and breath.

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What is a group visit?

A group visit gathers together patients with similar medical needs or conditions for medical care in an extended appointment with multiple health care professionals. Our diagnosis based group visits not only allow our patients to be empowered by a personalized dedicated plan but also let them know that their peers are suffering through similar struggles.

Who conducts a group visit?

Group visits consist of a visit with one of our clinical practitioners, health coaches, and even some visiting guests who are experts in their field.

How much do group visits cost me?

These visits are typically billed through insurance (including Medicare) and is focused on delivering quality value through empowerment. Our team is designed to coordinate care with the patient as the center point. We pride ourselves in open communication with our patient’s other health care providers so that healthcare is optimized. Cash prices start at $60 per person per session.

How long does a group visit last?

Depending on the visit type, it can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. If an additional private visit is needed or if a immediate medical issues is discovered in the group sessions by any of our clinicians, the length may be longer.

What can I expect when I arrive?

You will be escorted to the section of our practice where the group visit is conducted. Vital signs will be taken and a short face-to-face practitioner visit will be conducted to make sure there are no urgent medical issues. If there are urgent issues, we may address those rather than continuing with the group visit depending on the situation. Our health coach, mind body medicine practitioner, and/or clinical staff will conduct the visit first in lecture style, and then ask for your participation in group discussions.

What will I need to do prior to coming to the scheduled visit?

Depending on the visit, there may be information to fill out prior to coming. This will be communicated to you if it is needed.

Who can I bring to my visits?

Everyone in the group visits has to sign a legal confidentiality agreement in adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect patient information. This means that whoever attends the group visit has to be able to legally sign the form (generally 18+) and can receive medical treatment and advice. Legal Guardians and those who hold medical power of attorney for the patients are welcome to the group sessions to help ensure education is put into application for the patient. We cannot accept children who are not patients in our practice into the group sessions due to the risk of violating patient privacy.

How often are these visits?

Please see below for dates for group sessions. Always text us at 713-597-4521 to schedule your L.I.V.E. sessions or if you have any questions. Text messages will be received on our business days. (Generally Mon-Fri).

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