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Dr. Ruan's H. Pylori Protocol

While the most effective treatment for H. Pylori is with antibiotics (triple therapy), there are multi-drug resistant strains that are hard to eradicate, or even induce colony reduction. There are several factors for that that all can be addressed with some dietary supplements.

Furthermore, part of the triple therapy includes acid reducers, which can further worsen other malabsorptive issues commonly associated with those with active H. Pylori infections such is irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or even inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis).

Using the supplements listed below, clinicians can potentially improve their H. Pylori treatment outcomes and minimize undesired malabsorptive effects. Please see below for further details.

Pylorivade - 1 capsule twice daily for 30 days

Digest Complex - 1 capsule with each meal

  • Since most people being treated for H. Pylori are on PPI or other acid blockers, their digestion is impaired. This is a comprehensive digestive enzyme WITHOUT betaine HCL. I like to add Betaine HCL separate because you don’t know what dose they need to sustain the regimen.
  • Not only does it have enzymes, it also has Gentian and Artichoke as digestive bitters that induce the body’s own production of digestive enzymes

Digest HCL - (variable dosing based on patient tolerance)

  • This one is key to maintain acidic environment in the stomach for digestion
  • I would avoid using this in two populations:
    • If the patient has active ulcers since further acidifying the environment can potentially erode the ulcers even more.
    • If the patient has barrett’s esophagus since it is precancerous.
    • In the above two populations, I would just stick to Digest HCL since it does not have betaine HCL.
  • If the patient has just gastritis without ulcers, this would be important to leave in.
  • I would start with 1 capsule with each meal, and add in another one until the patient gets heartburn. Then stick with the dose before the additional 1 capsule.

Gut Gamma Globulin (Serum Bovine-derived Immunoglobulin) - 1 scoop daily mix VIGOROUSLY with water in a shaker since it is not easy to dissolve.

  • We know this is great for IBS-D (
  • However, in my practice, many people have relief of their acid reflux. I am unsure of the mechanism but a study does demonstrate a increase of three organisms in duodenal brushings: Proteobacteria Burkholderiales, Firmicutes Catonella, and unclassified genus organisms with SBI therapy.
  • I would like to believe that these organisms may potentially help overtake the invasion of H. Pylori but that is just speculation.
  • Another idea I have is that since H. Pylori inhibits MUCI and MUC5 gene expression, therefore decreasing mucin production, it allows the organism to attach onto the epithelial cells. Gut Gamma Globulin can help protect against other factors (caustic foods, environmental toxins, pesticides) that can potentially further bind the small amount of mucin that already exists. The competitive binding mechanism may be able to help the decrease or eradication of H. Pylori in these patients.

Gut Bugs Advanced

  • Probiotics when used in conjunction with antibiotics for H. Pylori has been shown to be more effective than just antibiotics alone: There are other studies but a simple pubmed search for probiotics and H. Pylori will yield hundreds of results with investigators testing different strains.
  • We also know that certain lactobacillus species can increase the expression of MUC2 and MUC3 genes and therefore extracellular secretion of mucin by colon cell cultures can inhibit the adherence of H. pylori.
  • “Saccharomyces boulardii has a positive effect on reducing the colonization of H. pylori in the human gastrointestinal system”

Gastro Guard Vanilla - 1 scoop daily

NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine) - 1000mg daily can be taken once.

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