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Jennifer Meaders, NP

Jennifer Meaders, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Hello! My name is Jennifer Meaders. I am married with two young children. I I attended the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston for both my MSN and BSN. I graduated from the Family Nurse Practitioner program in 2011 and went to work in the Dermatology Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I met a dermatologist there who introduced me to the concept of Functional Medicine. Initially, my interest in Functional Medicine centered around the nutrition aspect. I absolutely love to cook, and we have a garden at home, so incorporating 'food as medicine' was a natural fit in our lives.

I became very sick after I had my son in 2015. I developed chronic sinusitis, bronchitis twice, walking pneumonia, and acute sensorineural hearing loss. I took 15 rounds of antibiotics, 6 rounds of steriods, had extensive testing, and underwent 3 surgeries in less than a year and a half. Of all the doctors I saw during this time, I never heard the term 'root cause'. When I was recommended to have a fourth surgery, I felt like enough was enough. The same dermatologist who introduced me to Functional Medicine encouraged me to start looking at root cause. By making some changes in my life, such as eliminating certain foods, implementing specific supplements, and incorporating yoga, I've seen significant improvement in my symptoms. This personal journey is what truly caused me to fall in love with Functional Medicine.

When I found out that Dr. Ruan was opening the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, I knew I had to be a part of it. As the incidence of chronic disease increases, and the age of onset decreases, I feel it is imperative as a medical provider to intervene and reverse this trend. I strongly feel that the concept behind the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine is how primary care should be practiced- focus on individualized genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors rather just treating a symptom or disease with a prescription. I am excited to help patients reclaim their health!