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Jillian Reissig

Jillian Reissig

Health Coach

"I was raised in a health conscious home, where a belief in the power of good nutrition and natural medicine was put into practice. My love for holistic nutrition and health grew through my own health struggles. During my last two years of high school, I developed a condition that at the time I thought I would never overcome. However, this caused me to want to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

Through my struggle and process of recovery, I not only recognized the biological and environmental aspects that can impact one’s health, but also the mental and spiritual side of health. I also learned how powerful the mind is… It can either be your biggest enemy or your greatest tool. I learned the importance of incorporating words of truth into your own thought process… how to become aware of and grasp every negative thing that enters your mind and speak to it. We were not made to live in fear and anxiety. We can choose to live in peace with great confidence as we face any circumstance.

Digging deeper into my health research led me to the study of genetics. In 2017, I earned my degree in Molecular Genetic Technology and developed an even greater appreciation for the intricacies of the human body. I worked in a clinical diagnostic genetic laboratory at MD Anderson for two years, while completing a Health Coach Certification Program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During this time I was experiencing out of the box health issues. I was frustrated that I had been eating healthy, exercising and taking care of my body, but still felt so terrible. After seeing several specialists, I came to the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine as a patient. It was awesome to find a health practice that shared my philosophy on health, and that worked with me to get to the root of my health issues.

As I completed my Health Coach Certification Program, I learned even more about health and nutrition, but also more about the mind- body connection. I realized that although I was eating all of the right things, I had been neglecting my mental and emotional health. I learned about the importance of slowing down and allowing yourself to heal from the inside out. What emotional healing looked like for me was surrounding myself with uplifting, spiritual, and supportive people who spoke life- giving words of truth and faith into my life.

Although much of my health journey up to this point has been challenging, it was necessary in order to get me where I am today. Pain has a way of leading us to purpose. However, health and wholeness are not one stop destinations, but rather, they are a process of shifting our mindsets and habits. As we are refined by the fire, we are renewed, restored and made whole. I believe that the body is fearfully and wonderfully made, having the ability to heal itself if given the right tools and a chance to do so.

Jillian Reissig is the lead health coach of our group visits focused on incoporating functional and integrative medicine into the group setting. We are proud to have Jillian to serve as the leader of our diabetes program (DIALUP) as well as our metabolic program (MOVEUP). Click below for more information and to schedule one of our group sessions.

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