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John Pham

John Pham

Master Trainer

"A mind works best when the heart can follow; when both are enlightened the body will move!"

John Pham exudes consistency, passion and motivation in his quest to serve all those who seek to better themselves. John has worked with an array of clients from all walks of life. In this valuable process, he has inspired artists, musicians, doctors, and business entrepreneurs to light the fire within, sharpen their vision, and become leaders, all through his unrelenting desire to share knowledge through fitness.

Personal training has allowed me to touch peoples lives in ways I never imagined. The most rewarding part of my job is making peoples' dreams about who they want to be become a reality. My thirst for helping others has allowed me over the years to evolve and improve all aspects of my life. Owing to this, I am driven to share the knowledge that I have accumulated through the years to my clients. I am dedicated to tailoring my approach to individuals needs, thereby creating a specific plan of action to maximize each persons full potential.

By utilizing this valuable approach to training, each one of my clients is able to reach their full potential. I pour love and passion into my clients training sessions because this is beyond merely transforming their outer appearance; rather, it is the confidence and sense of self that are formed from their hard work that provide the greatest satisfaction.

In addition to having a holistic passion for all areas of health and fitness, my specialties are helping people improve their flexibility, strength, and also empowering each individual to make the right decisions in life! Owing to this, I have received numerous accolades, included being awarded as one of the top forty trainers in the nation.

Furthermore, I'm certified in NASM. CPT, PES, CES, FNS, Kettle-bell level 1, Pre and Postnatal, FMS, VIPR, Alpha Olympic Lifts.