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Lisa Wilkerson, PA

Lisa Wilkerson, PA

Lisa Wilkerson joined The Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine in August of 2018. She graduated from the University of Utah Physician Assistant Program in 2000. She served as clinical faculty with the University of Utah PA program until relocating to Texas in 2006.

Lisa has extensive experience working to balance hormones using bioidentical hormones, nutrition, lifestyle management, as well as exploring environmental contributors to hormone and endocrine disruption. She has attended multiple advanced training seminars focusing on hormone optimization.

She first became invested in reestablishing physiologic hormone balance after years of working with traditional hormones and witnessing the lack of adequate treatment response. “I knew there had to be a better way. Women and men deserve to feel optimized, not the shell they become when hormones are lost”. Lisa also believes we must consider the impact of hormones on memory, GI health, and brain function.

We need to relook at Longevity and healthy aging, not just libido and hot flashes. Lisa is most passionate about the reclaiming of health and vitality hormone optimization offers to patients.