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Monique Baumann, NP

Monique Baumann NP

Nurse Practitioner

I have always been drawn to natural modalities of healing, focusing my efforts on the physical, emotional and energetic sources of dis-ease. I chose to study nursing because I value the holistic approach to healing, and have been a nurse for over twenty years. Since the age of 18, I wanted to serve as a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine as a means of helping others heal themselves. There is certainly a place for both, as many diagnostic and laboratory studies are necessary to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

My pursuit of alternative healing modalities led me to study Reiki, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Ayurvedic medicine, Native American medicine rituals, and prayer, among other things. I sought to treat episodes of my own anxiety with these modalities and eventually tried acupuncture, which is where I met Dr. Ruan’s parents. A decade later, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of a practice which considers the whole person, including his or her environment.

My area of focus within the clinic is on cognitive decline. We use the Bredesen protocol, an extensive guideline that addresses sources of inflammation, toxins, and deficiencies in both nutrients and hormones. When I first arrived in Houston over a decade ago, I was the Director of Nursing at a memory care day center for dementia, a social program to support those with cognitive decline. Over time, I began to see younger and younger participants joining the program, a trend both shocking and concerning. Social programs were shown to slow the progression of cognitive decline, coupled with medication, but these were the only treatment options offered at the time.

Thanks to Dr. Ruan and the Bredesen protocol, I am honored and excited to offer guidance and tools to patients and family members coping with early cognitive decline. I am passionate about teaching and look forward to sharing the various aspects of the protocol with you all. Stress reduction is one of the major components of the protocol and I bring my years of training and experience in nursing, yoga, Reiki, teaching, meditation and mindfulness to providing guidance and finding peace amidst the chaos.