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Does diet really affect ADD or ADHD? Do people have to take stimulants to control attention deficit?

If you know someone with ADD or ADHD and also have the following symptoms, there may be something else going on:

  1. Very bad handwriting
  2. Sugar and carb cravings
  3. Eczema
  4. Asthma like symptoms
  5. Recurrent infections
  6. Brain fog / fatigue

This is what you should know:

1 in 10 children are now diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Most of these children are medicated with stimulants. Although there are over 400 animal and human studies published on diet and ADHD/ADD, none of those are robust enough to make a huge splash in the scientific community. However, after treating many adults and adolescents with attention deficit, I noticed their food choices become a huge factor. Enter the microbiome-gut-brain axis. The food that we eat affect our gut bugs. These bugs talk to our brain every second. In fact, the diversified quantities of specific phyla of our microbiome (gut bacteria) affects our neuroendocrine system (brain and hormonal balance).

Those with ADD/ADHD may notice significant worsening of symptoms with processed foods, sugary foods, wheat products, or even diet sodas. These are the foods that can seriously deteriorate our microbiome, leading to significant changes in neuroendocrine properties ultimately leading to worsening attention deficit. Furthermore, eating foods that cause inflammation, also causes inflammation in the brain (I like to call it "leaky brain syndrome"). Foods that cause inflammation are processed carbs, sugars, processed grains, pesticides, mercury containing foods, and much more. These foods are not only causing inflammation but are also causing nutritional deficiencies, which in turn can lead to other issues such as eczema (rashes), brain fog, brain hyperactivity, asthma, recurrent infections, etc. Using medications to treat ADD/ADHD without uncovering the root cause can be dangerous.

Some methods we use here at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine are lifestyle counseling, full medical evaluation, body composition measurements, metabolic evaluation, and advanced micronutrient evaluation using blood work."

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Note: We take patients aged 13 and over. Most insurances accepted.

Thyroid Disease

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Functional Medicine Program in Houston, TX - Cheng Ruan, MD

We are launching our hashimoto's thyroiditis program here in Houston!

1. Learn what foods affect your thyroid (it may surprise you)

2. Uncover hidden sources of toxins that affect your thyroid

3. Learn the gut-thyroid connection

4. Understanding thyroid medicine

5. Plan your grocery budget for foods that help heal your body

6. Lean what to ask for when eating out at restaurants

Most insurances accepted.

Cheng Ruan, MD is the Chief Medical Officer at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine.

We are a primary care center in Houston, TX that is dedicated to chronic disease reversal utilizing food as medicine, focusing on environmental toxins, and medication minimization. We utilize the concepts of functional medicine to help our patient finally find answers.


What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Treatment, and Diet - Cheng Ruan, MD

What really is fibromyalgia, what you can do about it right now, and how you can potentially see changes in a few days by altering your diet.

Key points:

1.Focus on the gut (microbiome) - the bacteria in our gut talks to us everyday. They communicate with our bodies in a very profound way. If the gut bacteria is not optimized, there can be lots of inflammation. The future of finding a cure may be directly linked to the gut microbiome!

2. Thyroid hormone (T3) deactivation and downregulation - many things can impair the conversion of thyroid hormone from the storage form (T4) to the active form (T3). High inflammation, Insulin levels, lack of sleep, food choices, and chronic pain affect these levels. Thyroid hormone is required to regulate metabolism, sleep cycles, and activity levels, and so much more.

3. What to eat to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms?
Choose your foods wisely. Eat plenty of veggies so they can act as prebiotics. Eat probiotic containing foods such as fermented foods. If you are taking probiotics, make sure to eat plenty of high fiber so they can act as prebiotics. Most of your fiber must come from veggies and not processed starches or grains.

Cheng Ruan, MD is the Chief Medical Officer and lecturer at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine in Houston, TX.

Type 2 Diabetes Medicine Reduction / Elimination Program

Introducing Our Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program in Houston, TX - Cheng Ruan, MD

Dr. Cheng Ruan is the author of Ultimate Guide for Type 2 Diabetes Reversal ( and will be running our Diabetes program here in Houston!

While medications are needed at times, most of the time Type 2 diabetes can be reversed using food as medicine, exercise as a weapon, and environment to help reverse diabetes naturally!

We look at the root cause of type 2 diabetes which may be different from person to person. We take a personalized approach to type 2 diabetes and deliver a scientific based and guided method to tackle this disease.

We strive to be the clinic for your diabetes needs in Houston!

Free eating plan mention in video:

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