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I'm Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD

After graduating medical school in 2009, I was unpleasantly met with how medicine is truly delievered in the United States. It was not exactly the way I expected to start my physician career! Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine is a model to show the country that there is a better way to improve health, outside of just regluar doctor's visits with prescriptions in hand out the door. We have to involve the community! Ever since 2017, we have been building and evolving on how to improve and even reverse chronic illnesses.  Now I am using what I've learned to help people just like you transform your health and quality of life no matter what diseases or disorders you've been challenged with. My team and I will show you that by involving you in our community, we can guide you in working smarter to improve your health!


"I always thought I had to live with pain. Now that I know there is a better way. I wish I did this sooner!"

- Mary. Woodlands, TX

"I can't believe how close I was to changing my mindset about life. My family and I are forever grateful."

- William. Houston, TX

"I honestly over researched and Google'd on my own for years since doctors didn't have an answer. It really took coaching for me to realize it was in me all along to heal!"

- Susan. Houston, TX

The truth is most people with chronic illnesses feel alone, uncertain and unsupported in their healing journey.

But healing can be tricky.

You may feel...

  • There is no trusted guidance or have information overload.
  • Alone in a perpetual health journey.
  • Lacking in guidance on how to heal.
  • Distracted by marketed fads on social media.
  • Defeated from others who do not understand how difficult your healing path can be.

No one should have to go on their health journey alone, unsupported and confused.

Constructed from 5 years of feedback by our patients

Lead by National Board Certified Health Coaches

Billed through most medical insurances (Texas Residents)

Don't let the lack of knowledge and support in healing keep you from a life you deserve.

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Our Promises To You

24 Week Transformations

Promise 1

We do not prescribe medications during this community healing journey. Your doctor can work with you direct on this.

Our programs are designed as non-pharmacologic lifestyle transformation strategies.

Promise 2

We work with your doctor(s) and other health professionals by letting them know your progress.

It takes a team to heal a community. We will supply your doctors with notes on your progress if you wish to disclose it. If not, then we can keep it between us!

Promise 3

We will not judge or criticize you.

We are all human. We are each amazing individuals, and we all deserve a safe place to heal. No one should have to feel alone in this!

Promise 4

We value creation of trust through community support from members of your group, health coach, medical practitioner(s).

We don't expect one person to have the answers. But we can include everyone in on your healing path!

Promise 5

We always track if our processes are effective by collecting feedback so that we can constantly improve our processes.

No one is perfect, and neither are we. As long as we continue to strive for improvements we are happy!

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Meet The Team

Dr. Deema Farah, MD, DipACLM

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and a Diplomat of the American College for Lifestyle Medicine. 

Jillian Reissig

Outreach Coordinator and a certified health coach who is passionate about quality outcomes of patient care.

Ruben Lespron, RD

Functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about using food as medicine.

Geny Moreno Salamat, MS, FDN-P

Functional diagnostics nutrition coach. Certified Mind-Body Medicine Coach. Tai Chi and Qi Gong facilitator

Irene Rodriguez

Community patient support specialist. Holds certifications in Yoga, Art Therapy, and education in Psychology

Melissa Talwar M.S., NBC-HWC, FMHC

Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Focus: Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune, Long COVID, Chronic Pain & Brain Health 

Franklin Liao, Lifestyle Chef

Culinary behavioral change facilitator. Chef demonstrator and lifestyle medicine advocate.

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Our spots are first come first serve. This means that at times we will have more patients than spots. Click below to start!