Experience a Different Kind of Primary Care

Pilot your own health to create your unique journey

Collaborative Approach

Personalized Care

Ongoing Support

You Shouldn’t Have to Feel Stuck

You Shouldn’t Have to

Feel Stuck

Have you wasted time and resources traveling medical paths that failed to deliver the health outcome you desire?

Life’s too short. Don’t be held back anymore.

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How Carl Fought Back Against Diabetes
How Annette Found a Solution to Mental & Physical Health
How Daniel Found A Way to Create Health

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It’s Possible to See Improvements in Your Health & Vitality

  • Be guided in medicine minimization and use food as medicine.

  • Start getting to the root cause of your disease.

  • Have a roadmap to guide you back to health.

  • Feel empowered to own your health.

  • Enjoy an integrated holistic approach to health and wellness.

  • Be confident in your medical team.

  • Know you’re being heard.

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Our Promise to You

Like you, we want life to look better for you than it does right now.
We want to help guide you in discovering the tools and information essential for you to be able to remove the barriers preventing you from enjoying a more abundant life.

  • We won't judge you for taking control of your health.

  • You will always be in control, and have the final say on your wellness treatments.

  • Collaborative treatment plans so you get the most comprehensive care possible

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Here’s What it Looks Like to Pilot Your Own Health Journey

  • 1. Request an Appointment

    Virtual and in-person visits are available. Get more time during your 1st visit by filling out the necessary paperwork beforehand.

  • 2. Your First Visit

    We’ll go over your health goals and start working with you to design your personal health certainty plan.

  • 3. Never Feel Alone

    We’ll collaborate with additional practitioners on your team and offer you the continued support you want.

  • 4. Enjoy your unique journey

    By experiencing this different kind of care, you’ll start to see that a health success story is possible for you!

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At Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we know you want life to look better than it does right now. You want to see improvements in your health and vitality. You may have wasted tremendous time and resources traveling paths that fail to deliver the outcome you desire, and it’s leaving you feeling alone. You shouldn’t have to live in defeat, without certainty that your health can improve. A lasting solution may actually be less complicated than you think. As a collaboration of talented integrative health professionals, we have partnered with thousands of patients to help guide them in discovering the tools and information required to remove the barriers preventing them from enjoying a more abundant life.

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