Galleri Cancer Screening

Why Cancer Screening?

Over 70% of cancer cases and deaths are caused by types that are not routinely screened for. 

Early intervention begins with an accurate diagnosis. 

Early detection leads to improved treatments and patient outcomes

Galleri testing screens for more than 50 different types of cancer. With earlier detection, cancer may be caught and treated in the early stages, in order to improve chances of recovery and survival. In fact, the 5 year survival rate is 4x higher than when diagnosis is made in the later stages!

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Cancer risk increases with age, but screening improves treatment outcomes.

Early detection means early treatment to prevent the possibility of cancer spreading. Galleri screening is recommended for all at-risk groups, including but not limited to individuals of ages 50+. The older we are, the greater the exposure to elements that have the potential to damage DNA and inhibit DNA repair mechanisms. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Galleri test is recommended for adults with an elevated risk for cancer, which includes anyone 50 years of age or older. Talk to your physician to learn more about your risk. 

Galleri does not recommend testing for anyone 21 years old or younger, for those who are pregnant, or for those undergoing cancer treatment.

The Galleri Test is NOT to replace other cancer screenings or tests recommended by your health provider. It is intended to be used in addition to other screenings, to take additional measures in early detection and treatment. 

The Galleri test is a qualitative, next-generation sequencing-based, in vitro diagnostic test intended for the detection of DNA methylation patterns using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) isolated from human peripheral whole blood. DNA methylation is a natural process used by cells to regulate gene expression. Certain DNA methylation patterns can serve as a signal of cancer and provide information about the origin of the cancer signal.

The Galleri test detects methylation patterns of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) that could indicate the presence of cancer. When a cancer signal is detected, the test predicts the origin of the cancer signal with high accuracy.

A review of the results from the CCGA sub-study (CCGA3) which included 2,823 cancer participants and 1,254 non cancer participant controls showed the Galleri test detected cancer signals across 50+ cancer types (defined by AJCC). The Galleri test report includes the 24 cancer classes and the associated sensitivity of the test with each cancer class. Cancer class is based on the combination of the primary cancer site and the pathologic diagnosis.

Annual screening with Galleri is recommended for early cancer detection. However, this is also up to the patient's healthcare provider to determine the appropriate screening interval based on the individual's risk factors.

The list price for the test is $949. Contact your account representative or GRAIL Customer Service at 833-694-2553.

The test is not currently covered by insurance.

For information regarding result interpretation, Visit the Galleri FAQ's page HERE

It is always advised that individuals continue with routine and all recommended screenings advised by their health care professionals. Even if no cancer signal is detected, we recommend following up with your provider.

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Start the screening process by requesting a Galleri testing kit from your provider. 

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