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Brain and Mental Health: Our Philosophy

We are continuously striving in our pursuit to better understand and improve brain and mental health by removing the stigma and searching for root causes of brain and mental health struggles. Together, we can change the way we think about and approach brain and mental health, and empower individuals to live their best lives!

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Individualized Provider Care

Rather than masking symptoms, providers use cutting-edge methods to get to the root of disease. We provide individualized care, tailoring treatment plans that are unique to each patient's needs. Both the mental and physical aspects of health are addressed through in-depth testing, non-conventional treatment plans, and powerful tools, to promote overall healing.

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Brain Mapping

Ready to get to the bottom of your brain and mental health? With this state-of-the-art, brain mapping technology, patients get to the root of their cognitive health struggles. With clear diagnostic information, patients are able to discover their next steps in order to improve their relationships, boost emotional resiliency, increase energy levels, improve memory, and transform their overall mental health.

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Technology Guided Neurotherapy

Improve focus, memory, and enhance emotional resiliency with training you can do anytime, from anywhere! This brain training includes non-invasive neurofeedback activities that may be completed in the comfort of your home and reviewed by expert, Dr. Francesco Amico, who designs protocols specific to your brainwaves. Dr. Amico monitors progress and updates patients' activities, ensuring optimal brain function is achieved. 

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Mind-Body Medicine

Have you ever felt stuck in life, as if you are operating on autopilot with no control of your thoughts or responses? Discover and implement powerful mind-body tools to develop self awareness, cope with life's challenges, improve responses to triggers, resolve trauma and emotional turmoil, and learn healthy ways of expressing emotions. From breath-work, to meditation, Tai-Chi, and group share sessions, we have a plethora of tools for you! Have your pick from virtual or in-person, one-on-one or group opportunities to enhance your mind-body skills. 

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Infusion Therapy

 IV cocktails tailored to your specific medical needs. Infusions may benefit those with micronutrient deficiencies, Immune deficiencies, those needing detoxification support, those with poor metabolic function, chronic fatigue, dehydration, dysautonomia, post viral syndrome, low blood pressure, chemical sensitivities, mold exposure, those needing immune support during and after cancer treatment.. and more!


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Kitchen Behavior Training

Want to eat healthy but don't know how to get started in the kitchen? Lifestyle Chef, Franklin Liao and Ruben Lespron, RD, lead a virtual space where patients can share obstacles and learn valuable tips, tricks and healthy cooking hacks from the ultimate health foodies! Members walk alway with healthy food inspiration, resources, and tools needed in order to jumpstart their healthy cooking progress! 

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In-Person and Virtual Group Visit Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions led by Dr. Cheng Ruan, Geny Moreno, and Ruben Lespron regarding various important aspects of health. Sessions include nutrition education, mind-body medicine skills, development of emotional resiliency and self-awarenss, as well as the background physiological mechanisms of the development of chronic illnesses. 

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One on One Coaching

One on one coaching may be an excellent option for those in need of additional support, intimate guidance, and accountability with a trusted coach supporting you each step of the way. One on one visits are a great way to establish a customized plan for you and be provided with more time and attention to address your needs and obstacles. Both nutrition coaching sessions and Mind-Body Medicine visits are available. 

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TCLM University

Learn at your own pace through online courses specific to your health goals/medical diagnosis. Courses are taught by leading experts in the field, various guest speakers, practitioners, and coaches who provide you with the latest evidence-based health education and healing methods. You don't have to wait for an appointment to start making progress!

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Collaborative Care

We partner with leading health experts and health organizations in the Houston area, as well as in virtual spaces, in order to deliver the highest quality care and optimal patient outcomes. We know it takes a village to heal, and we have developed an ecosystem consisting of healthcare specialists and workers committed to seeing you heal. 

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Additional Testing

At TCLM we are constantly adding to the in-depth tests we offer in order to help our members identify the root cause(s) of chronic illnesses. Check out a list of some of the tests we provide. As always, ask your provider if you have any questions about our services or if you believe that a specific test may benefit you.

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We are excited to welcome you to our TCLM family and look forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness!


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