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Curious about how infusion therapy works?

IV infusions are one of the many health tools used at TCLM to resolve chronic metabolic and immune issues. The purpose of IV therapy is to briefly boost vitamin stores in order to support and advance the healing process. IV infusions are tailored to your specific medical needs. If it is determined that you may benefit from infusion support, IV therapy sessions will be scheduled according to the recommended frequency and duration while being continuously monitored. Infusions consist of specifically tailored vitamins and nutrients to support metabolic, immune, and detoxification pathways.


Individualized IV Therapies

Prescribed individualized Infusions are one of the powerful tools used in the clinic to promote the healing and management of complex, chronic conditions.

Meet the Team!

Ashleigh Chavez, NP

Ashleigh provides consultations with patients throughout their IV therapy treatment plan to evaluate progress. She is the clinical support in our IV infusion therapy department and is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to her patients. With a strong focus on patient education and a commitment to providing the highest level of care, Ashleigh is an invaluable member of our team and is highly respected by both patients and colleagues alike.

Amy Bryant, NP

Amy leads the prescription and design of IV infusion protocols. She is an investigator for helping patients get to the root of complex conditions that many practitioners shy away from. Her ability to understand the underlying causes of these conditions and her approach to providing supportive therapeutic elements, and individualized protocols for her patients sets her apart. Her expertise in Functional Medicine make her a valuable resource for patients seeking and integrative care.  


Meet Stephanie, our dedicated Infusions Operations Manager for the IV department. She oversees complex operations and improves patient care through effective systems and processes. She is dedicated to providing exceptional service to patients and is always available to answer questions and resolve any issues that may arise. With her strong leadership and communication skills, she manages our team and ensures the highest level of care for patients. Stephanie's expertise in IV infusion makes her an invaluable member of our team.


Meet Shakesha, our detail-oriented Lead Infusion technician. She assists in the administration of IV infusions, ensuring they are performed safely and efficiently. Her attention to detail and ability to follow protocols make her an invaluable member of our team. She is able to assist with a wide range of IV infusions, puts patients at ease and ensures their visit runs smoothly. Her dedication to safety and quality care make her an asset to our team.


Meet Wendy, a compassionate and experienced IV technician. She performs infusions with precision and care, handling complex cases with ease. She puts patients at ease, and goes above and beyond to meet their needs. Her friendly and professional demeanor ensures a smooth visit, and her dedication to patient care makes her a valuable member of our team.


Meet Ifreke, our Lead Administrative Assistant for our IV Infusion center. She is the first point of contact for patients visiting our center and is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. She handles a wide range of administrative tasks, including scheduling appointments, gathering patient information, and addressing any questions or concerns that patients may have. Ifreke's friendly and professional demeanor make her an important member of our team. She is always available to her team, providing guidance and support whenever it is needed. 

Who may benefit?

Experience Optimal Health with TCLM's Customized IV Infusions. Infusions may benefit you if you are experiencing the following:

Micronutrient deficiencies, Immune deficiencies, detoxification issues, if you are suffering from poor metabolic function, chronic fatigue, dehydration, dysautonomia, post-viral syndrome, low blood pressure, chemical sensitivities, mold exposure, heavy metal toxicity, are needing immune support during and after cancer treatment.. and more!

IV Infusions for Various Conditions

Chronic Fatigue

Helps your body's metabolism work better, especially for people who have trouble absorbing food, have problems with their automatic nervous system, or are always tired.

Immune Support Infusion

Increases immune response to foreign invaders, such as acute and recurring viral and bacterial infections. May also be used to support the immune system during and after other drug treatments.

Metabolic Support

Designed to help those struggling with weight loss, who need a boost of specific nutrients that aid in muscle recovery and fat burning capacity.

Sleep Support Infusion

Designed to promote relaxation and melatonin production, in order to promote and maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Iron Infusion

For those who are suffering from low iron and may need additional support outside of supplementation, IV infusions may be an option. Provider consultation and lab work are required.

See if Infusion Therapy is for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expect to kick back and relax for about 90 minutes for each IV infusion visit. You can relax in one of our comfortable seats in our designated Infusion department, and bring a snack, book, etc if you wish!

You will be scheduled for three separate televisit appointments with Ashleigh, NP. These televisits will occur prior to restarting infusions, after your fourth infusion, and after receiving your final Infusion included in your treatment plan.

Yes, we do work with insurance companies in order to do everything within our power to ensure your treatments are accessible and affordable. This means we have to abide by certain processes to meet specific criteria in order to make this possible. Contact us to check your insurance coverage and cost of treatments.


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