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Develop Mind-Body Practices to Heal

Unlock your potential with the use of powerful tools that are embraced by professionals at NASA, the NFL, the NBA, and more. The mind is a powerful thing, sending information to the brain, which changes how our body responds to our environment. Mind-Body skills equip us for a life of resiliency.

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Profound Healing Effects of Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body skills ultimately promote self-awareness that leads to self-regulation. When we are aware of our thinking patterns that are governed by deep belief systems, we can learn to embrace them or rewire them. Thank goodness the mind is neuroplastic! Once we learn strategies that develop self-awareness, we can then learn to manage our responses. This leads to improved self-regulation, which profoundly impacts the brain, nervous system, metabolic health, immune function, and more!

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Group Visits

The ability to express emotions in a safe, non-judgemental space is so healing. Group visits provide the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood within a community of like-minded individuals. Visits consist of Mind-Body activities or intentional discussions around emotional coping, transformation of trauma, and more.

Intentional Movement

A major aspect of Mind-Body medicine is the use of movement to connect the mind to the body, drastically heal the brain, regulate vital signs, decrease stress, boost immune function, and even transform emotions. Movement such as Tai Chi has been shown to restore brain function after experiencing trauma.

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Know Thyself

Mind-Body tools promote emotional and physical wellness through the development of self-awareness. In order to heal, we must first get to know our strengths, weaknesses, propensities, triggers, and reactions. The often painful process of self examination positions us to be able to heal. The great news is, you do not have to go on this journey alone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mind-Body Medicine involves the use of intentional movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness tools, meditation techniques, and mentally healing tools in order to make use of the connection between the body, mind, and behavioral changes that promote health. Mind-body medicine techniques promote self-awareness to gain insights into behavior patterns and signals from the body in order to self-regulate.

Mind-body tools have been proven to promote relaxation, manage stress, process unresolved emotions and even trauma, and promote such self regulation that vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate) and digestion may be drastically improved. Mind-body tools also promote a healthy immune system, improved circulation, better sleep, and decreased chronic pain.

We recommend that you meet with Geny Moreno, our Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner first in a one on one setting. This will give you a chance to learn more about the benefits, and Geny will be able to assess your specific needs. Group sessions may be recommended based on those needs, such as intro to meditation, breath-work, Tai-Chi, etc.

Meditation is a practice that promotes mindfulness, via increased self awareness and attention. This promotes emotional calm, and increases self-regulation over time. Though most religions practice a form of meditation, such as prayer, meditation is not associated with any specific religion. Therefore, we welcome all to our meditation sessions in order to reap the many benefits of meditation- such as improved stress response, improved cognitive function, decreased pain and muscle intention, improved digestion, and more.

Nope! In fact, movement is a form of meditation. You may even have your eyes opened while meditating! Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, walking, and spending time in nature can be various forms of meditation. A guided method of sensory activation/grounding is also a form of meditation.

While many may prefer to lay down and close their eyes in order to reach a meditative state, it is definitely not a must. We suggest that you embrace whatever works for you in helping you achieve the purpose of meditation.


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