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Cancer Master Workshop

The path toward battling cancer can be scary and confusing...but it doesn't have to be.

"I've spent many years as an oncology nurse, helping patients at various stages of this 'disease'.  From the shock of diagnosis to the excitement of beating it, and many times through the devastation of losing the battle. I have loved and hated every minute of it.

I have loved it because of the amazing lives I have been able to be apart of and I have hated it because I have always known there is more we can do as oncology healthcare providers.  We have more control of this beast than we think.

This course has been designed with you in mind.  To arm you with the knowledge and the power to take back control of your life and your health. Cancer is not a is an opportunity for healing."

              -Amy Bryant, MSN, AGNP-C, OCN

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Amy Bryant, NP

Your cancer support instructor worked as an oncology nurse at M.D. Anderson in the field of lymphoma, as well as New York Presbyterian, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Sloan Kettering. She is passionate about helping those with cancer create health, wellness, and empowerment. She is an expert in environmental toxicities and epigenetics.

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Jillian Reissig

Your digital health coach earned her degree in Molecular Genetic Technology. She worked in the clinical diagnostic genetics laboratory at MD Anderson and also is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She provides information on eating, fasting, and immune system regulation to give people a fighting chance at battling cancer.

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Cheng Ruan, M.D.

Your host is Dr. Cheng Ruan, an internal medicine physician who is the founder of Texas Center For Lifestyle Medicine. He is trained in functional medicine and integrative health strategies and is passionate about creating global operating systems to incorporate holistic and realistic methods. Dr. Ruan is the creator of TCLM University.

Find The Root Causes of Cancer And How It Can Empower You For Change.

There are many factors in cancer that are environmental, genetic, nutritional, and even emotion related. Finding your path can be confusing. This online course provides a systematic way of approaching each factor to guide you on your journey toward healing.

Learn Simple, Powerful Actions To Help Fight Cancer

There are many books, blogs, and online content for cancer and it can be overwhelming looking for a needle in the haystack. We don't try to over complicate life tools. We provide easily digestible tactics to empower you to adopt powerful tools. Just like building a house, we start with the foundation then layer on elements to hit the 20% of the effort to take you an additional 80% of the way there.

Take The Confusion Out of Modern and Traditional Treatment Approaches

We understand that the information out there can be challenging to understand. There are conventional, natural, and integrative tools that has been used. This course educates you on new and traditional approaches toward treating cancer and supporting the body's immune system which dictates recovery, regeneration, and health.

Emotional and Physical Stress Can Worsen Your Immune Response to Cancer

The mind and body are amazing tools. The ability for body to heal is dependent on the mind. This course provides scientifically proven concepts on the mentality of healing.

Get Rid of the Fear and Start Being Empowered After Diagnosis

Shortly after diagnosis, many people become fearful of something that they feel like it is out of their control. In this Master Workshop, we focus on the factors that we can control when it comes to supporting the body's ability to heal. We also help break down doctor's lingo to help you understand visits with your oncologist and supporting doctors.

Being in Remission is Scarier Than Being Actively Treated

Sometimes, being in remission is scarier than being actively treated for cancer. This is because the unknown is scarier. There are scientifically proven methods to help the body thrive using nutrition, fasting windows, and avoiding daily exposures to toxins. We give you resources to help you make sure that you've got a plan ready to go.

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