Community Collaboration

We are excited to continue expanding our involvement in our community through outreach programs, collaborating with leading organizations and participating in events or wellness movements that share our mission.

See below to participate in upcoming events and support organizations we work with!

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Fit Houston's Walk30 Movement!

Fit Houston is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to get our community moving in order to kick chronic illness to the curb! Lharissa, the founder of Fit Houston, is excited to bring this movement to Houston in order to challenge our community to take realistic steps toward a healthy lifestyle. She has brought together a coalition of leaders in the Houston community to support her and our city in making improvements for our health.

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Miles for Migraine 

A non-profit organization seeking to improve the lives of those with migraines and headache disorders by raising awareness and funds for fellowship programs that support specialists in the field. Miles for Migraine's mission is ultimately to promote and advocate for changes that may lead to a cure for migraines and chronic headaches. 

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