Circuit Breaking Life Coaching

The information we have access to are vast, disorganized, and downright frustrating when it comes to eating, thinking, and living. We offer a comprehensive program that allows you to access digital information as well as personalized coaching to drive your success.

Simple and Powerful

The end result we are trying to achieve is to create a powerful change in your rhythm of life. You're currently moving throughout the day driven by mechanisms of your subconscious brain 95% of the time. The 5% of conscious thought is what most people focus on. Using mind-body techniques, we guide you through structured ways to empower you to live your life by your own design.

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Nutrition Personalized

With so many fad diets out there such as keto, paleo, vegan, AIP, we see and understand the stress of it all. Personalized nutrition takes into account availability, mindset, relationships, sleep, and life situations. It's not about what we put into our mouths, its about what our subconscious brain is telling us to put into our mouths.Unlocking the keys to these mechanisms are the foundation of personalized life coaching.


Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, Tai Chi Expert, and a former NASA Engineer.

Geny uses techniques such as guided meditation, autogenics and biofeedback, guided imagery, and trauma release to help clients on a path toward fulfillment. She is the lead instructor of Mind Sculpting Master Workshop


Outreach Coordinator, Genetics and Epigenetic Expert, and a Former MD Anderson Genetics Staff

Jillian ties together science, practicality, and action items to form your launching pad toward success. She is the lead health coach for TCLM University.


Registered Dietitian 

Ruben is an amazing dietitian who serves as the tiny habits advocate to transform health. His practical approach to nutrition provides patients with small changes that make enormous impact.

Meet Our Team

Virtual Consult

Covered by Most Insurances

  • Experience a meditative subconscious brain awakening
  • One on one virtual exploration of your inner self.
  • Explore how you're wired.
  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching
  • Discover intentions
  • Understand what drives you
  • Setting goals based on your new mindset.

Start your engines.

The foundation of life coaching is to reverse engineer a path based on your desired outcomes. Digging into what you've experienced since birth is vital to this success.

Habits are formed based on 95% of our subconscious. These mechanisms have been developed from birth to 8 years of age.

Some may say, "oh you're just like your dad" or "you're like the same person as your mom" but much of this is taught by their subconscious to mold yours.

In your virtual consult, we start unraveling the twisted old self and discover the patterns of your subconscious behavior.

This is a technique used by professional athletes, NASA, the CIA, politicians, and high level executives to create a purposeful life.

Check out our April Group Coaching Sessions!

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Why Health Coaching is the Central Focus of our Core Values

Health Coaching Improves Mental Health Outcomes

Our patient outcomes data has revealed that patients who did not receive any health coaching had a PROMIS Global Health score (a score used to determine mental health status) that improved by 7.4%. For those patients with five or fewer coaching visits, the score improved by 19%. For individuals with 5 to 20 coaching sessions, their PROMIS Global Health score improved by 40%. Those patients with more than 20 coaching sessions showed an improvement of 22.7%. Based on this data, it was concluded that our patients who had 5-20 coaching sessions showed the greatest improvements in their health.


Similarly, our data determined that 5-20 coaching visits drastically improved PHQ-9 scores (a questionnaire used to track and screen for depression, in a population of patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder who were taking at least one antidepressant) by 74%! No significant improvements were shown in patients with similar initial scores who received no coaching. Those with five or fewer coaching visits saw a much greater improvement, averaging 9.2 points at the start, which improved to 8.1—a difference of 9.7%. The data is starlingly encouraging, as implementing health coaching clearly surpasses the current standard of care in improving severe depression.

Health Coaching Improves Physical Health Outcomes

We utilized data from Quest Diagnostics looking at serum hemoglobin A1C values in our type 2 diabetes patients. Our no-coaching visit patients had an average starting A1C of 7.3%, which improved by 0.4% after two years, down to an A1C of 6.7%. For patients with five or fewer coaching visits, the starting A1C was 7.2%, and these patients averaged a 1% improvement, down to an A1C of 6.2%. Patients who received 5-20 coaching visits had a starting A1c of 7.4%, on average, and these patients improved by 1.6% over two years down to an average A1c of  5.8% This means that those who received 5-20 coaching visits effectively lowered their hemoglobin A1c down below the diabetes threshold of 6.4%!


When reviewing patient data from those with hypertension, numbers revealed that patients who received 5-20 coaching visits had an average starting blood pressure of 144/90 mmHg, and these patients improved by 18.3/8.0 mmHg over two years, for a total improvement rate of 12.7%! Other statistics have shown that patients who receive health coaching are more likely to schedule and keep follow-up appointments, schedule external preventive medicine exams (such as those of podiatrists and ophthalmologists), and complete their annual wellness exams. Data even shows that, since establishing coaching visits, patients who received five or more coaching visits have had NO hospitalizations.


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