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Neurofeedback Therapy in Houston, TX

Neurofeedback Therapy Houston

We live in an era of perpetual stress, high anxiety and dwindling attention spans. Psychological struggles are nearly inevitable. The good news is, that modern neuroscience has discovered neuroplasticity: the flexibility and lifelong learning capacity of our brains.

At the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we nurture your capability to change and grow. Our neurofeedback therapy provides brain training for patients of all ages and neuro-challenges. So, whether you’re seeking a natural depression treatment, or wondering: how can I help my child with ADHD, we can help.

Neurofeedback is non-invasive biofeedback that trains your brain to function in healthier, more productive ways by allowing you to hone its innate ability to self-regulate.

How? By using an electroencephalogram – Latin for “electric head picture” – to read, then adjust the electrical activity your brain generates. Over time, your damaging thought patterns are corrected, leading to improved cognitive function, greater emotional stability, and deeply restorative sleep.

Are you looking for anxiety treatment without medication? Depression therapy that’s compassionate and discrete? Our neurofeedback specialist Monique Baumann, NP understands. To schedule a consultation with Monique, call the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine at (713) 690-1991 or contact us here.

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Symptoms We Treat With Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback therapy operates under a learning paradigm known as operant conditioning. Together, we provide positive and negative reinforcement to your brain. You get ‘rewarded’ only when your produce desirable brain states. Over time, your brain learns to produce those brain states without our help – reviving your normal, healthy function.

We’ve helped hundreds of patients overcome conditions like:

  • anxiety
  • ADHD
  • depression
  • headaches & migraines
  • autism
  • reactive attachment disorder
  • sleep disorders
  • addiction & recovery
  • trauma & traumatic brain injury
  • bipolar disorder
  • OCD
  • chronic pain
  • dementia
Brain Neurofeedback Therapy

Types of Neurofeedback

Sensorimotor Rhythm neurofeedback (SMR)

Two to four sensors are strategically placed on your scalp so we can utilize the raw data our EEG detects. You’ll be asked to increase the amplitude of sensorimotor rhythms. When you produce SMR amplitudes that rise above a threshold designated by Monique, an audio tone will sound or a visual cue will light up. When the amplitudes fall below a threshold the tone gets softer, the light dimmer. SMR has also been adapted to videogame modules for kids.

Alpha/Theta training

You learn to produce Theta waves that are greater in amplitude than Alpha waves - developing a deeply relaxed state. Very effective for traumatic stress and addiction.

Infraslow Fluctuation or ISF

By targeting the infraslow frequencies (below 0.1 Hertz) we coordinate processes in the body with processes in the autonomic central nervous system, helping you to self-regulate hyper- or hypo-excitability.

Z-Score training

Using from 2 to 20 sensors we compare your QEEG brain mapping to others in your demographic to assess whether your baseline levels of brain function are under or over connected.

Standardized Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA)

Using a real-time 3-dimensional image of your brain in action we monitor specific neuronal networks, connectivity between these networks (coherence), and the speed of information processed amongst them (phase). This helps us pinpoint neuronal generators that may be causing your negative thought and behavior patterns.


This brain-regulation therapy monitors and regulates blood flow in your brain. It allows you to control the amount of oxygen that flows to specific brain regions. It’s been extremely helpful in treating ADHD, migraines and depression.

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Don’t let depression, anxiety or attention deficit define you. Now that we’ve discovered that our brains continue to grow throughout our lives, we can promote new brain functions and new brain chemistry with neurofeedback therapy.

Compassionate specialist Monique Baumann, NP will craft a reliable, convenient custom treatment plan to help you feel like your optimal self again. Take the first step – schedule a consultation with Monique at the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine by calling (713) 690-1991, or contact us here.

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