Next Culinary Group Topic: Cooking Foods for Medicine and Joy!

lifestyle medicine Mar 26, 2024

At our integrative medicine clinic, we believe food is foundational for health and healing. What we put on our plates each day has a profound impact on how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally. That's why we host weekly culinary medicine group visits to help patients discover the joy of cooking nourishing foods to treat chronic conditions and build a healthy lifestyle.

This Tuesday at 3 PM, our culinary medicine group visit will explore "Cooking Foods for Medicine and Joy." We'll discuss simple, delicious recipes that bring pleasure and satisfaction to the cooking process itself - not just eating the final dish.

Studies show that taking the time to prepare your own meals mindfully can increase gratitude, improve mood, and help you become more attuned to your body's hunger and fullness cues. The very act of choosing fresh, wholesome ingredients and combining them into something delicious is an act of self-care.

At the same time, many of our favorite comforting recipes are loaded with salt, sugar, unhealthy fats and highly processed ingredients that can worsen chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disorders. Our holistic nutritionist will share nutritious swaps and tweaks to make classic recipes more health-promoting without sacrificing flavor.

You'll leave with a fresh batch of recipes, cooking tips, and an new appreciation for using food as medicine for both body and spirit. We'll enjoy tasty samples together as a group as well.

Text us at 713-597-4521 to reserve your spot for this inspiring and delicious culinary medicine visit! Both established patients and community members are welcome to join us as we explore using food to treat chronic illness, achieve ideal weight, and enhance overall wellness.


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