Use Light Exposure to Hack Your Sleep Cycle and Alertness

Light is THE most important information for our bodies to determine wakefulness and sleep quality. Light exposure feeds our cells the data that controls our circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle. By avoiding and allowing light exposure at specific times of the day, we can manage the quality of sleep we achieve, our level of wakefulness and alertness in the day, and support our natural body rhythms!


How does this work? Here is a glimpse into the intricate and brilliantly designed mechanisms involved! It begins with the eyes. The suprachiasmatic nucleus contains neurons, located in the back of the eye, which function in tandem with our internal body clock. When we are exposed to light, especially blue light or sunlight, these neurons signal a cascade that promotes alertness. Part of this cascade involves releasing cortisol, a stress hormone, which should peak in the morning to get us going for the day. Another major facet of this biological mechanism is the control of...

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