Don't Miss Our May Ask the Expert Event: Sinuses, Allergies & Brain Health

Allergy season is among us, and we want to ensure you are prepared to deal with all of the wonderful things that come with histamine release and the sniffles! For some people with allergies, this may cause drowsiness, a runny nose, and swelling, while others may face deeper issues such as autonomic dysfunction, brain fog, anxiety, sleep issues, and more. We don't want you to have to face this alone with no guidance! Therefore, we have asked an expert to share his wisdom and tools with our patients who wish to walk through allergy season prepared! 

Join us on Thursday, May 16th from 8:30-9:30am for an insightful discussion with special guest Dr. Michael Kaplan, an expert in Ear, Nose & Throat conditions.

Dr. Kaplan will be joining Dr. Cheng Ruan to discuss:

  • The role of sinuses and allergies in overall health
  • Common sinus issues like sinusitis and their impacts on the brain, ANS, and immune system
  • Connections between sinus/allergy problems and brain health
  • Effective...
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Felix Liao, Airway Mouth Doctor Discusses the Dental and Brain Connection

Dive into the enlightening world of holistic dentistry with Dr. Liao, the esteemed Airway Mouth Doctor, at the Demystifying Fibromyalgia Conference! 

Embark on a journey where Dr. Liao unveils the profound connection between our mouths and the overall health of our bodies, offering invaluable insights into the holistic approach to dentistry and its profound impact on our well-being. Conference recordings are all available now through the Physician Transformation Institute. Click here for more info and to access recordings!

From the earliest stages of life, our growth is intricately linked to the functions of the mouth. Dr. Liao expertly guides us through the developmental milestones and elucidates how the mouth plays a pivotal role in this remarkable journey.

Dr. Liao emphasizes the critical importance of maintaining proper jaw and mouth structure to support an open airway. The intricate interplay between the structure of our skull, airway, and jaw is pivotal for various...

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Brain Mapping: A Revolutionary Approach to Solving Brain and Mental Health Cases

At Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we strive to provide our patients with the most advanced and personalized treatment plans that address their unique needs. In our pursuit of holistic healthcare, we have embraced an innovative technology known as BrainView Brain Mapping.The BrainView Neuralscan Pro is a QEEG device that we use to measure and analyze brain activity in our patients. It uses sensors placed on the scalp to detect the electrical activity of the brain, and then converts that activity into a visual representation called a brain map. This allows us to see patterns in the brain's activity and identify areas that may be functioning differently than normal. 


This cutting-edge tool allows us to delve deep into our patients' brainwave patterns, enabling us to uncover the root causes of their concerns and craft tailored treatment plans that integrate physical healing tools, mental health techniques, and neurotherapy training.



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