Health Transformations Program- Diabetes Management

Managing Diabetes is an extremely challenging journey for many, as often people do not know where to start, or where to find trustworthy educational resources and tools to manage blood sugars and their diet. It may also be an extremely lonely process of healing for many, especially when attempting to make lifestyle changes rather than relying solely on medications. There are too many diets to weed through and so much information on the internet can lead to feelings of hopelessness.


This is where health coaching can be a huge support, especially in the realm of group support. We have a community-driven program designed by doctors and coaches who passionately guide members toward health and resiliency through education, compassionate guidance, empathy, and ongoing accountability within a safe and supportive virtual space.  Data has shown that group visit attendance as well as one on one coaching corresponds with improved a1c, (the most important value used to measure...

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