Kitchen Behavior Training Group Session Recap- Don't Miss the Next one!

Yesterday, in our Kitchen Behavior Training session, we had such a great conversation around brain health and realistic lifestyle tools proven to impact brain and mental health. Lifestyle Chef, Franklin discussed useful cooking and meal planning tips to help us increase foods and (especially healthy fats) that love us back! He also shared tips used to reduce inflammatory fats that may be hidden in common foods we consume.

Ruben Lespron, Registered Dietitian, opened the floor for the group to share their idea of balance when it comes to healthy foods versus foods that may be deemed as “bad,” such as sugar. With our mind-body medicine practitioner, Geny Moreno, we dove deep into unpacking our relationship with food and belief systems we have constructed in our minds that impact our intake of quality foods!

We also discussed the powerful impacts of having positive community involvement and meaningful relationship connections. Geny discussed how quality friendships and...

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Kitchen Behavior Training~Minerals!

Do you want to learn how to use food as a medicine? Are you looking for ways to incorporate minerals into your diet in order to support your health and well-being? If so, join us next week Tuesday at 5:30 PM for an informative discussion about culinary medicine and minerals. Our Kitchen Behavior Training educators include registered dietitian Ruben Lespron, lifestyle Chef Franklin, and Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD.


Together they will help us understand the benefits of mineral-rich foods and provide tips on how to incorporate them into our diets! Why is it so important to focus on mineral intake for our health? With extensive treatments that have been done to our soil, increased use of pesticides, and an increased consumption of processed foods, a lot of our food sources have been stripped of vital minerals. Minerals are so important for the health of our gut, immune system, cardiovascular health, nervous system, and more. When we are lacking in minerals, we may begin to experience...

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