Culinary Medicine: Kitchen Behavior Training

Where Food Meets Medicine!

Come learn with Ruben Lespron, Registered Dietician, and Lifestyle Chef Franklin as they demonstrate how food can be both healing and delicious. In this virtual group space, accompanied by Dr. Cheng Ruan, you will have the opportunity to explore ways to expand the variety in your diet, the basic fundamentals of nutrition, and specific tips and tricks for making nutritious cooking sustainable.


Chef Franklin has a tremendous amount of experience with creating delicious flavor combos that will satisfy cravings without wrecking your health goals. He shares a plethora of knowledge and his very own cooking secrets to make nutritious living realistic and delicious. Recipes will also be shared weekly! We guarantee they will not disappoint or bore you or your family!


Whether you are just getting started in your health journey and would like to know the basic fundamentals of healthy eating, or are an expert in a rut, feeling stumped about what to cook this week, this group visit is for you!


Culinary group sessions take place virtually on Zoom, every Tuesday evening (aside from certain holiday weeks), at 5:30 PM. Just in time to inspire you for dinner/dessert! Contact TCLM for more information and to sign up!


See you there!


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