Group Visit Spotlight: Brain Train Masterclass

In Dr. Ruan's Brain Train Group visits, participants are able to share each others' health experiences, discover valuable healing tools, receive background information regarding root causes of brain and mental health issues, and discover resources to guide them along their health journey toward improved brain function.


In the Brain Train Group Visits, Dr. Ruan brings specific medical insight into the brain and neurological conditions, while sharing a roadmap to health and wellness. However, the central aspect that sets group visits apart from one-on-one provider visits is the community aspect. In a safe, judgment-free group space, members have the opportunity to share in each other's challenges, develop mental and physical resilience, and empower one another to apply healing principles to their life. Dr. Ruan also shares his personal experiences and tools he has used in his own brain health journey, after experiencing multiple concussions and discovering an underlying sleep disorder.


At the clinic, we take brain health seriously. Without a healthy brain, we cannot have a healthy body. And whatever is experienced by the body and mind has a very powerful impact on the brain. Whether you or a family member is struggling with their mental health or experiencing cognitive decline, brain fog, memory issues, or neurological issues, or want to improve your focus and emotional wellness, Brain Train sessions provide the necessary tools and information to do so.


We hope to see you there! Contact TCLM for more information and to get started on your journey toward a better brain!


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