Impactful Ways to Start your Day

lifestyle medicine Nov 14, 2022

The attitude and mindset  that we have going into each day is so important. We know how detrimental stress is to the body, so it is vital to create a routine can help us to better manage stress and increases mental wellness. Though we may have days where we have to frantically rush out the door and stop for coffee on the way, it may be best for our mental and physical health to start the day with self awareness and intention. Here are a few tips to create a morning routine to boost productivity, mindfulness, and wellness!


Define, Write, and Review your ‘Why’

When we are not operating in a way that is compatible with our values, we rob ourselves of authentic growth. Imagine this - you wake up feeling excited to tackle the day, as you are expecting to witness amazing things happen before your eyes. You look forward to impacting the lives of those around you in a positive way. You are content. Sure, you may have an off day but it does not derail you. Why? Because you are living and walking in purpose, for a purpose. Each of us has a purpose, that inner force that inspires and motivates us to keep going, especially in the midst of tough times. Although you may already have this in the back of your mind, there is power in writing it out. Put it on paper, keep it somewhere where you can read this every morning (night stand, bathroom mirror, etc). Refer back to this especially on days when the motivation to carry out the things you know you must do is lacking. Of course you will not have the same level of motivation each day, which is completely normal. Continue to lean on this internal ‘why’ or higher purpose especially on your most challenging days.


Use Visualization

Pick one of the daily habits that you wish to achieve this day. Visualize yourself completing this habit.. How does it feel to go for that run? Imagine the post-workout endorphins or that feel- good feeling after eating a nutrient-dense breakfast that gets your energy flowing. Visualize yourself attending Geny Moreno’s Tai Chi class you’ve been putting off and leaving with a smile on your face because you were able to connect with your body and mind, but also other people in your community through movement!


Use the evening to prep for your morning

In order to spare time and start the day in a better frame of mind, it's a good idea to do as much preparation as possible the night before. Sometimes unexpected things can happen in the morning because life throws curve balls. Traffic due to an accident, longer lines at the school drop off, coffee spills on our clothes are all possibilities and could cause us to lose time we could have spent on our mental preparation for the day. Try to do as much as you can the evening before. Some options include packing your lunch in advance, prepping your breakfast that night (overnight oats, breakfast caseroles, and chia pudding are a few simple and healthy options), having your outfit/uniform ready to go in a designated area, and writing a task list the night before. All of these may seem trivial but can actually save you a lot of time and needless stress in the morning!


Have a mindfulness activity you look forward to

When we establish an activity that we enjoy doing in the morning, we are more likely to look forward to waking up versus rolling out of bed after hitting snooze a few times. For some people, starting a gratitude journal has been a great option. This promotes self reflection and self awareness, as we are able to see aspects of your life that you truly want to continue to focus on and nurture, while improving brain function! Studies have shown that gratitude improves mental resiliency and cognitive function. Some people find that starting their day with meditation and/or prayer is a great way to start their day, as well as going for a short walk to get your blood flowing while enjoying safe sunlight exposure. Sun exposure first thing in the morning has been shown to improve mood through increased vitamin D, as well as promote a healthy circadian rhythm. Experiment with a routine that works for you, so you feel excitement when starting a new day!


Additional steps you can take today: Contact TCLM to discover tools and resources to guide you further along your healing journey. As humans, we are wired for connection and expression, ideally in a safe, trusting environment with like-minded individuals. Contact us and see which community you would like to be a part of!


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