Mind-Body Medicine- More than Just Tools

Mind-body medicine has played a vital role in the healing journey of many of our patients, addressing underlying emotional concerns and expressing belief systems in a non-judgmental environment. Mind-body medicine sessions offered in the clinic are more than just learning tools such as breathing, meditation, and movement; they're about discovering how to incorporate them into our lives in order to manage our emotions and triggers differently. Mind-body medicine is about embodying self-awareness so that we can genuinely transform our minds and regulate our emotions. The mind-body skills practiced in group sessions give us the opportunity to become aware of ourselves on a deeper level and learn how to manage our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Here is what one can expect when attending a mind-body group visit in the clinic or virtually:

  1. Leave your judgments toward yourself and others at the door! Mind-body medicine is all about creating space to feel, release, and discuss trapped emotions and allowing others to do the same without the pressures of meeting the expectations of others or one's self.
  2. Practicing mindfulness means that we can tune into what we need from ourselves when expressing our thoughts and experiences, as well as tuning into the needs of others and respecting those who express their thoughts and experiences.
  3. Learn to breathe! Many patients realize that the way they have been breathing is quite shallow and will not allow proper oxygenation for a healthy body and mind. Breathing is crucial in order for our cells to function optimally and for our mental well-being. Breathwork is a fundamental aspect of mind-body medicine.
  4. "Let's face it: vulnerability is not easy. Learning to express our real and raw emotions, as well as allowing others to do the same, can be very uneasy at first. But this is where the healing often happens; it takes so much courage to look within our fears, thoughts, and painful emotions. It can also be uncomfortable when we see others doing so. When we practice skills that mind-body medicine teaches, such as mindfulness, empathy, and compassion, we can allow ourselves and others to have the space and time needed to start the healing process.
  5. Give yourself and others the space to feel their emotions, and express how situations in your life are showing up for you. Allow others to support you and be willing to support others through active listening and removing judgment.
  6. Give yourself the room and patience to learn and grow! When trying a new skill, such as meditation, it can feel uncomfortable. It isn't easy to sit still with your thoughts and be. Don't expect perfection from yourself, especially in the beginning.
  7. Expect to be held accountable for the work you do outside of the sessions. Though your mind-body coach will guide you through exercises and tools, it is up to each one of us to put in the daily work. This requires continually holding yourself accountable to practice the tools and build self-awareness outside of the sessions. This is where true growth and change occur! 


Mind-body medicine is an invaluable resource for those seeking emotional healing and self-awareness. By attending mind-body group visits in the clinic or virtually, you can learn how to manage your emotions better by practicing skills such as mindfulness, empathy, and compassion. By embodying the skills that mind-body medicine teaches, we can give ourselves the space needed to start a deeper healing process. Learning these tools definitely takes time, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't all come at once. Practice patience with yourself as you grow and develop a deeper understanding of who you are on an emotional level. With dedication to daily work both inside and outside of sessions, true growth may occur.


Our Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, Geny Moreno, is proud of the work that she does in helping others learn valuable skills to step into a healthier mindset and emotional space. She invests time and so much energy into her patients and loves to watch them heal from trauma, and learn to self-regulate. This, in turn, has a major impact on one's physical health.


If you are interested in Mind-Body Medicine sessions, we have plenty of options for you! We offer one on one and group coaching, virtual, and in-person visits! Contact our office for more information!

Check out our group visit schedule here: https://www.texascenterforlifestylemedicine.org/coaching


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