Practitioner Spotlight- Geny Moreno, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

Mind-body techniques are part of my existence. It is the operating system in which I operate. Food and nutrition are one of the most important aspects of mind-body medicine that I practice.  Movements are also part of my life and can vary from hiking to resistance training to tai chi and qigong.

Meditation, imagery, and special breathing techniques help me battle stress both internally (from within) and (externally) from my environment. 

previously worked in the aerospace industry for 14 years as a computer software analyst/engineer. I worked on the International Space Station program, Constellation, and my last project was in wearable technology. 

In February of 2014, I decided to leave my NASA family behind to finally pursue my passion in holistic health and wellness. This was a very hard decision for me. However, I felt a moment of clarity, the kind that I had not felt in such a long time. So without any hesitation, I enrolled in the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program. After a year and a half long of studying, I completed and passed all requirements for certification, and I am now a practicing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioner (FDN-P). In addition, I became certified as a Mind-Body Medicine practitioner through Dr. James Gordon’s training program at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. 

I’m not the same coach/practitioner from when I started 6 years ago at the time of this writing. After leaving NASA to become an FDN practitioner, life tested me, one challenge after another. I thought I’d never see daylight. The last two years especially were so stressful. The stress caused feelings of being broken and losing my identity. I started to seek out classes on tai chi and qigong. I turned to movements that brought out gentleness as I could feel my body clenching and hard/rigid in certain areas. 

I began my training in tai chi and qigong from a masterful teacher who became my greatest ally and friend in leading mind-body medicine workshops. Without realizing it at the time, this began the much needed inner work that my spirit had been yearning for. My inner landscape needed and craved attention.  I now have a much better way of governing myself because of what I went through. 

The truth is I won’t change a thing because I’m a much stronger and greater human being today. My painful circumstances have led me to know myself and led me to the beautiful, good-hearted people who’ve become my tribe today. I approach my challenges today with much more love, understanding, and patience. I still feel hurt. I can still feel the pain. However, I navigate through it all so I can design my composure and be focused. I’m so grateful today because the work I love doing gives me the opportunity to make people feel that they matter, break the stigma surrounding mental health and bring about change within my community and also beyond my city limits.




We are so grateful to have Geny Moreno, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, on our team! She compassionately guides patients through their healing journey, as she shares her wisdom, knowledge, and tools that she has received and continues to develop.

If you are interested in learning or advancing your mind-body skills to develop resiliency and self awareness, contact TCLM to set up a coaching consult with Geny! She also teaches several group sessions related to meditation, breath-work, Tai-Chi, trauma transformation, and more.


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