Provider Spotlight: Dr. John Kelley

lifestyle medicine Jan 16, 2023

Born and raised in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, I began my journey into medicine in a non-traditional pathway. I attended the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) studying Spanish and Portuguese. After college, I moved to Argentina to work and explore the language and culture. After a time, I decided it was time to settle down and chose a career in medicine, attending the Medical College of Georgia and then a residency in Family Medicine at St. Anthony’s in Colorado. While in residency I studied Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona. I then worked as a primary care physician for several years in Boulder, Colorado, while studying with the Institute of Functional Medicine and integrating these principles into my practice.


Over time, it became clear that mainstream medicine was not conducive to my practicing medicine the way my patients deserved. So in 2022, I decided to leave my old practice and my family and I decided to embark on an adventure to Costa Rica. During that time, I continued to enhance my knowledge set, becoming certified in the Bredesen Protocol through Apollo Health, a cutting edge method of treating and preventing neurodegenerative disease using functional medicine principles. While in Costa Rica, I got to know Dr. Ruan and was fascinated by the approach to medicine at TCLM. We kept the conversation and he decided to bring me on board the team. The rest is history.


My approach to medicine is simple: listen to my patients, find the root cause of the problem and work on reversing and preventing chronic disease states. My goal is to help usher in a new approach to how we treat patients by integrating the principles of ancient medicine and cutting edge research. Optimal health is in your hands, and I’m here to help you achieve that.


When not practicing medicine, you will hopefully find me skiing with my wonderful wife, Annie, and my fantastic daughters, Emmeline and Isobel.




We are beyond thrilled to welcome Dr. John Kelley to our team at TCLM. He guides patients along their healing journey with such intricate care and compassion, while providing so much knowledge and tools to heal through functional and lifestyle strategies. Dr. Kelley will be taking on most of our patient population who struggle with their brain and mental health, as he is highly trained in brain health protocols. Contact our clinic to set up a consult with Dr. John Kelley!


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