Nutrition Coaching Group Visits!

Are you looking to improve your nutrition and discover how to eat a balanced, healthy diet but don't know where to start? We know how challenging and lonely a chronic healing journey can be. Whether you struggle with an invisible but challenging illness, desire to lose weight, are seeking to reverse diabetes, or simply want to lead a healthier life, it is very challenging to walk along a health journey by yourself. Therefore, group coaching visits with Ruben Lespron, Registered Dietitian, may be the perfect opportunity for you.


Group coaching visits provide an interactive way to learn about nutrition and how different food groups can be balanced for one's specific needs. As a society, we tend to over complicate nutrition. Most of us have tried various fad diets in order to resolve our health issues or in an attempt to find a quick fix for our metabolic issues. While short-term dietary changes may be beneficial to some degree, we know that it is the lasting and consistent lifestyle changes that reap the most benefits for our health and longevity.


With the support of a coach, especially in a safe group space, you may find that lasting changes are indeed possible. In group visits, members are able to share their struggles, offer ideas, learn from one another, and keep each other accountable. When the group is being led by an effective coach, such as Ruben, members are guaranteed to leave with a plethora of valuable information, tools, empowerment, and guidance needed for sustaining long-term changes that promote lasting healing. All of this occurs within a non-judgmental group space, with like-minded members seeking to improve their physical health.


Through interactive sessions and personal guidance from Ruben, you will gain key insights into making healthier choices that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this chance to get expert advice in a supportive group setting! The great news is that these sessions will be taking place virtually, making it easier and more convenient to attend!


Group visits with Ruben Lespron will begin in the next couple of weeks! Stay connected with us on social media via Facebook, Instagram (@txlifemed) and enroll to be a member of our clinic to receive consistent emails with announcements, so you don't miss a class!


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