At Home Brain Training!

Neurofeedback training has been changing the way we practice medicine at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine! We are now very proud to offer our patients an incredible and unique opportunity to optimize their brain function anytime and in the comfort of their own home, using state-of-the-art technology! The great news is that the technology is so user friendly that we guarantee anyone can use it anywhere!


You’ll be able to train under the supervision and personal assistance of brain pattern expert Dr. Francesco Amico, PhD, who will create custom training protocols for you and regularly assess your progress employing methods based on years of clinical research. This specific technology is an individualized form of neurofeedback training. What is neurofeedback training? - It is a form of neurotherapy that trains your brainwaves to achieve a healthier state. Think of it as exercise for your brain! The technology we use is EEG technology, a noninvasive, simple way to measure brainwave activity. Members will play a game with visual and auditory cues while brainwaves are captured in real time and assessed by Dr. Francesco Amico. In order to measure brainwaves, a monitoring dry electrode headset is worn while playing games. This is a safe and noninvasive way of monitoring brainwave activity!


Where does the biofeedback come into the equation? While you are watching a video or playing a game, you will receive feedback in real time regarding your brainwave performance. This will tell you when you are or or not in the desired range specific to your goals. Overtime, the sessions will help you self-regulate, optimizing your brainwave patterns, and reaching your mental and brain health goals!


Who may benefit from this form of biofeedback?

Those struggling with ADD/ADHD, traumatic brain injuries, sleep struggles, anxiety, addiction, and more. Overtime, quality of life, mental performance and overall wellness may improve! Not only is this form of biofeedback simple, but it is not very time consuming! You will only need to dedicate 20-40 min. maximum of your time/day depending on your treatment plan and goals.


Overall, we have seen a tremendous improvement in the cognitive function and mental wellness of our patients who have participated in our biofeedback program with the incredibly knowledgeable guide, Dr. Francesco Amico. If you believe this may benefit you, don't hesitate to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Your brain will thank you!


For more information on the background of this neurofeedback program, click here

To get scheduled with a provider to see if you qualify and may benefit from biofeedback training, click HERE and you will be directed to our site where you may email us directly to receive your kit! 


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