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lifestyle medicine Jun 06, 2024

At Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we understand that dealing with chronic health issues can be complicated and confusing. That's why we offer our Ask the Expert Group Visit series - to give you direct access to various specialist practitioners who can help shed light on your symptoms and condition.

These interactive group visits provide you with an invaluable opportunity to ask questions of leading experts across a wide range of fields. From sleep disorders to autoimmune diseases, gut health issues to dermatological concerns and pelvic floor dysfunction, our scheduled experts this month have deep experience helping patients find solutions.

By being part of these small group sessions, you can share your experience, learn from others, and ask any specific questions you have about symptoms/treatment options! The expert/specialist can then provide insights into potential root causes, discuss different treatment approaches, and suggest lifestyle strategies that could aid in improving your condition.

Group visits are also a chance to learn from others dealing with similar health challenges. Hearing different perspectives can validate your experiences and expose you to solutions and tools you may not have considered before.

This month's Ask the Expert lineup includes:

  • Sleep Neurologist: Dr. Jerald Simmons, Founder to CSMA
  • Autoimmune Disease Specialist: Dr. Saimun Singla, Integrative Rheumatologist
  • Integrative Gastroenterologist: Dr. Vivian Asamoah
  • Dermatologist: Dr. Simone Stalling 
  • Pelvic Floor Therapist: Dr. Alyssa Easley
  • Dr. Francesco Amico: Neurotherapist, and Brain Train Expert with Myndlift Technology 
  • Dr. Greg DiCamillo: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Discussion 


Don't miss this opportunity to get direct, personalized guidance from esteemed experts in an supportive group setting. Visit our Group Visit page here to see the full calendar of topics this month! 

At Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we're dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive, holistic approach to achieving true health. Our Ask the Expert series is just one of the ways we put the power of knowledge into your hands.


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