What is Culinary Medicine at TCLM?

Welcome to the world of Culinary Medicine! This is where health meets pleasure and nutrition meets deliciousness. We believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive. In fact, it can be a fun, creative experience - one that can lead to lasting lifestyle changes and improved overall well-being.


At our kitchen behavior training group visits for our members, we teach them how to explore new ideas in the kitchen that are both delicious and nutritious. Last week we had an insightful discussion around our relationship with sugar - how to find balance when it comes to treats while also enjoying meals without sabotaging your health goals. Our team includes Ruben, a registered dietitian; Chef Franklin who adds his expertise on flavoral food preparation; Geny Moreno shares her knowledge on nutrition and mindful eating habits, and Dr. Cheng Ruan provides guidance backed by science and nutrition. Together they bring unique perspectives which add spice (no pun intended!)to the group dynamic.


This past week we were excited to discuss the challenging but necessary topic of sugar! It can be so challenging to develop a healthy relationship with sugar. While some people have a tendency to be too restrictive, impeding the ability to enjoy special events and holidays, others have the tendency to overindulge. Trying to establish balance can be quite challenging for many. This is where nutrition tips from experts and food hacks from Chef Franklin come in handy!


During the sessions, ideas about meal timing, structure of meals, and hydration levels were discussed in order to promote the idea of balancing blood sugars. Members shared a few of their favorite balanced meals, which include adequate protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and moderate complex carbohydrates in order to stabilize blood sugars. This is SO important when addressing sugar intake, as our bodies have a tendency to crave sugar when we are hangry (hungry+angry) or not eating enough of any food group.


Dr. Ruan emphasized the role of sleep on sugar cravings and blood sugar regulation, while members discussed tools they use to make sure they get adequate sleep. While quantity sleep is so important, many neglect addressing their sleep quality. This is often at the root of many chronic illnesses and insulin resistance!


Mindful eating and cravings were discussed by mind-body medicine practitioner, Geny Moreno. If you struggle with eating when triggered, have a challenging relationship with food, or struggle to eat slowly with intention, meeting with Geny may be beneficial for you! Contact our office for more information.


Overall, the kitchen behavior training group visits have been a great way for our members to learn about culinary medicine and how to establish balance in their lives. By leveraging the expertise of Ruben, Chef Franklin, Geny Moreno, and Dr. Ruan we are able to provide comprehensive guidance on nutrition that is backed by science plus creative food hacks from Chef Franklin! We hope that these discussions will help empower our members with knowledge so they can make informed decisions when it comes to their health and well-being - all while learning how delicious healthy eating can be!


Contact our clinic for more information! See you there! 

Happy Cooking!


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