What is Lifestyle Medicine?

At Texas Center for lifestyle medicine, our mission is quite simple, yet it has taken continuous effort to make it happen! We aim to establish impactful relationships with our patients in order to guide them along a path toward lasting healing and wellness. Rather than addressing symptoms with a Band-Aid approach, we believe in using both conventional and alternative therapies in order to get to the root of chronic illnesses.



Lifestyle medicine involves having an integrative approach to healing and preventing chronic conditions, including but not limited to metabolic diseases, hormone imbalances, neurodegenerative diseases, digestive issues, mental health issues, and even therapeutic tools to combat and recover from cancer. There is no denying that the medical system is in dire need of alternative tools to help patients find lasting healing. The medical world is designed in such a way that it leads to serious provider burn out and limited options to find lasting healing. In a conventional setting, that is a major dependence on pharmaceutical medication’s, and very little education or counseling to support patient’s physical and mental needs. We are very aware of the downfalls of the medical system, but have discovered and implemented an alternative path to delivering optimal care to improve patient outcomes!


What does this mean for you as a patient, and the medical system as a whole? Lifestyle medicine encourages patients to become their own health advocate, while receiving the tools, education, and long-term support for their health. Lifestyle medicine also creates systems that are shown to improve patient outcomes exponentially versus outcomes driven by the conventional medical system. Not only is this beneficial for our patients, but for our health professionals. We have found that establishing a system with health coaching at its core has been shown to reduce provider burnout, while simultaneously improving patient outcomes exponentially.



There is no denying that mental and physical burnout among many health professionals has drastically increased over the years. This is a topic that needs to be addressed altogether, but Dr. Ruan and several practitioners have banded together to create a system in which patients and health professionals receive the support, tools, and systems required to create overall wellness for both health professionals and patients. How can patients receive the support and care that they need if they’re team of health professionals are extremely burnt out and do not have the tools needed to truly help their patients? This is a topic that is often neglected in medical care, but is so necessary for the health and safety of both patients and health professionals. Implementing a clinical model that is rooted in Lifestyle Medicine practices has allowed us to create necessary systems to promote health of our staff members and improve the health of our patients.


Texas center for lifestyle medicine is so excited to deliver high-quality care in the form of in-depth lab, testing, individualized protocols, and health coaching visits that are proven to drastically improve health outcomes for patients’ mental and physical health. Together, our team has created a model with health coaching at the center of our core values, which has given us an opportunity to execute lifestyle medicine in a strategic and effective manner. The data is in, and we are both startled and excited to see the amazing patient outcomes results, which has only been made possible through establishing health coaching programs in a clinical setting.


Take a look at this article to see the numbers: https://www.texascenterforlifestylemedicine.org/blog/the-secret-to-improving-patient-outcomes-in-a-medical-practice

At Texas Center for lifestyle medicine, we believe that healing takes a village of health experts, who deliver quality care in the form of education, resources, and compassionate support along each patients’ journey. Through years of building a clinical model that encompasses individualized, integrative medical care that is available for all populations, as we do except insurance, we have established a system that we believe is necessary in the medical world today. Not only will this drastically improve the outcomes of patient’s overall physical and mental well-being, but it will also drastically prevent severe burn out for our health professionals.If you would like more information about our practice, and what lifestyle medicine is all about, give us a call at (713)-690-1991.

If you would like to become a member of our practice, please click this link to register: https://www.texascenterforlifestylemedicine.org/#section-1675137512497

If you are a health professional, and would like collaborate with us, click this link: https://www.texascenterforlifestylemedicine.org/providers



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