Is Infusion Therapy for You?

Thanks to Amy Bryant, Nurse Practitioner, patients have incredible therapeutic opportunities to promote healing of complex chronic issues that many practitioners shy away from. IV infusions are one of the many health tools used at TCLM to resolve chronic metabolic and immune issues. The purpose of IV therapy is to briefly boost vitamin stores in order to support and advance the healing process. IV cocktails are tailored to your specific medical needs. If it is determined that you may benefit from infusion support, IV therapy sessions will be scheduled according to the recommended frequency and duration while being continuously monitored. Infusions consist of specifically tailored vitamins and nutrients to support metabolic, immune, and detoxification pathways. IV cocktails may include but are not limited to, saline for adequate hydration, B vitamins, high-dose vitamin C, glutathione for detoxification, magnesium, carnitine, taurine, and other additional micronutrients. IV cocktails...

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