Got a New Year's Resolution?

As the New Year approaches, we expect to see many of our community members wanting to reach big goals, set new intentions, and embrace positive changes. Unfortunately, many will attempt to make too drastic of changes too soon, which we know can lead to burnout, frustration when such goals are not reached, and even contradict the path toward health and wellness.


Though we could warn against the next fad diet, extreme weight loss trend, or intense exercise regimen, we thought we would rather like to inform you of positive life enhancements that you may enjoy stepping into this year. We do not wish to condone those who want to make drastic changes to their diet or lifestyle, but we do encourage checking in with the mindset and motivation around the desire to make these changes. Sometimes drastic changes in lifestyle habits can be quite detrimental. For example, if you have never weight lifted a day in your life, following a competitor's workout regimen right off the cuff may not be the best option for your body. Therefore, we would love to inform you of several opportunities we offer that will allow you to gain self-awareness, knowledge, tools, and wellness resources, in order to set healthy intentions for the new year and begin walking in them sustainably.


Starting this January, we will offer both virtual AND in-person Mind-Body Medicine group visits with Geny Moreno, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner. Virtual sessions include her Master Mind Mind-Body group visit, which equips you with the basic skills mind-body medicine provides in order to gain self-awareness, decrease stress, and promote a lifestyle of mindfulness. In order to discover the goals you wish to achieve, you must first understand your 'why.' Patients will dive into understanding that which has shaped their sense of purpose and thought patterns that might sabotage their goals and intentions. These are often rooted in belief systems buried within the subconscious. In Mind-body medicine sessions, Geny teaches the Polyvagal Theory to provide insight into how the brain and mind operate, while empowering members to understand their unique makeup and belief systems. With this deeper level of self-awareness, members are able to set intentions based on principles and actions that they wish to walk in, patterns and reactions they wish to break, and discover the gradual steps they can take to walk in their new intentions through the consistent use of specific tools. What a perfect time to begin honing in on your mind-body skills needed in order to embrace resiliency and self-awareness!


Because the diet and nutrition industry loves taking advantage of the New Year, we want to encourage our community members to embrace checking in with what they need, if their way of eating is supporting their goals, and especially if it is safe and effective for them. We know each body is biologically so unique, which is why we offer educational tools to discover background information on your specific health issues, as well as individualized one-on-one care. We offer many courses and a plethora of background information in our TCLM University courses, which you may sign up for at any time and learn at your own pace! We also offer group visits and intensive transformational programs where you may learn from others and have the accountability to maintain habits! Sessions are led by trained health coaches, our registered dietician, or integrative providers in order to ensure you are receiving quality, science-based information and tools. We even offer a session led by Chef Franklin, a health enthusiast who also loves delicious food and meal prep tips! Contact our clinic for more information regarding group opportunities we have currently available in our clinic, virtually and in person! We guarantee you will be able to find a group that resonates with you and your needs!


If you are needing specific one-on-one care, we of course offer mind-body coaching sessions, provider visits, and visits with a registered dietitian to create a personal care plan with you!


We know how challenging it may be to sort through educational information, tools, and the plethora of knowledge Dr. Google provides on the internet! You do not have to be alone in your journey, and we are more than happy to guide you along your path toward wellness! Let's start 2023 on a wonderful note!



Contact TCLM for more information regarding one-on-one and group visit sessions to support your New Years' health goals!


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