What is Neuroplasticity?

Did you know that we can train our bodies and minds to change the way we automatically respond to our environment? A fancy word used to describe this phenomenon is neuroplasticity, or the ability for the nervous system to change its response to stimuli via changes in structure or function. Our brains are neuroplastic, which provides so many with such hope, especially to those who feel they are a slave to their emotional triggers or those who have suffered from brain injuries.


We must understand how we can promote neuroplasticity, so we can take action in the betterment of our brain and neurological health! Several important factors that contribute to neuroplasticity are:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Belief Systems
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm
  • Use of creativity
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • Stress management


When we eat foods that promote the health of our brain and the integrity of the blood-brain barrier we are optimizing our ability to promote neuroplasticity. Such foods that...

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Transforming Trauma through Movement

Feeling through the pain of our circumstances is the most healing and courageous thing we can do for our bodies and minds after living through trauma, whether it was a minor or major traumatic experience.


Most of us wish we could skip through the phases of feeling the painful emotions involved in the healing journey. We may take the initiative to identify where the pain derived from, acknowledge why we are the way that we are, and then we want to jump miles ahead toward an envisioned end point of healing. However, our bodies and minds will not allow us to do so. Self-awareness does not indicate healing, and often keeps us trapped in our past pain when we do not take the necessary steps to process the emotions behind the event.


It takes courage to allow ourselves to feel the pain of our traumatic experiences. Our brain has a tendency to try to protect us, telling our minds that it is too much to confront, so we push the feelings down even further down, burying the...

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