Intensive Health Transformations Program

 What do our Transformations Programs offer?:

Community-driven programs designed by doctors and coaches who passionately guide members toward health and resiliency through education, compassionate guidance, empathy, and ongoing accountability within a safe and supportive virtual space. Our coaches and practitioners value trust with the support of members' external providers, health care team, family, etc. Coaches involved in the programs will be in close communication with members' established provider teams. This allows progress to be tracked and maintains accountability, as well as in-depth, personal support for each member.


The goal of the Intensive Transformations Programs is to not only heal physically but undergo character transformation through group sessions, like-minded member support, and personalized one-on-one care. Sessions are based on material that is backed by science, evidence-based functional nutrition, and mind-body medicine tools that encourage physical health, self-awareness, and emotional resiliency.


The past two years have shown us how harmful social isolation can be to our physical and mental health, especially for those suffering from chronic illness. Our empowering and diverse community opportunities offer a safe, non-judgmental space to discover physical healing tools, and in the comfort of your own home, as sessions meet biweekly on Zoom!


Community members will have the opportunity to plug into a group of their choice, based on who they believe they will resonate with, their desired health outcomes, personal needs, and desired services. Contact us to learn more about our Intensive Health Transformations Program and get plugged into a group of your choice! It's never too late to take your health into your own hands!


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