'One Man's Medicine is Another Man's Poison'

lifestyle medicine Nov 08, 2022

As a society, we typically wish for a one size fits all approach to healing, because we tend to think this will simplify and speed up our healing porcess. However, we are so uniquely wired that there is a much better approach to discovering what tools will work best for us individually, in the specific season we are experiencing. Therefore, we encourage a bio-individualized approach to health.


I believe if more of us embraced this concept, we would have a greater likelihood of supporting our body's health needs. Bio-individuality is the concept that each person's biology is unique, so we differ from others when it comes to our nutritional needs, ideal exercise regimen, routine, food tolerances, stress tolerance, and more . This means that what works for one person might not work for another and that we need to take our ancestry, genetics, and even our microbiome profile into account when following physical and mental wellness protocols.


Not only do each of us come from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and ancestries, but we also have unique needs when it comes to sleep, exercise, digestion, etc. Studies have shown that those with certain ancestral backgrounds may have a unique microbiome profile (collection of bacteria, viruses, microbes, and genetic material that line our skin and mucosal membranes) that differs from other ancestries. This means that those of Asian decent may not tolerate a diet or certain lifestyle factors followed by those of European descent and vice versa.


Bio-individuality also means that what works for us now may not work for us in different seasons, as our biological makeup is SO complex and consistently changing. So how do we honor our unique needs? We learn how to tune into our body's needs and signals. We check in with ourselves and identify what we might be needing day by day. We honor our cravings and allow for rest when we need it. We learn how much we should push ourselves physically and when to pull back the reigns a bit.


Just think about it- If you are going through a significant amount of work, life, and health stressors, you may not be inclined to do high intensity interval and weight training that you may have enjoyed while in college. In fact, this may be too much total stress on the body if you were to try to accomplish this level of physically intense activity. Maybe walking, Tai Chi, and stretching would be a better option.


By taking into account bio-individuality, we can improve our physical and mental wellness by ensuring that we are using protocols that support our individual needs. This is also why coaching plays such a supportive role in the health of our tribe, as coaches serve as guides who provide tools and empower our patients to become their own health advocate. Mind body sessions help people identify what their bodies and minds need through increased self-awareness.


There is no one size fits all approach to health and wellness. What works for your best friend or even your family members may not work for you, as we are beautifully unique!


Don't be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you! With the help of a coach, providers who support your unique needs, and a positive community, many of our patients successfully discover healing habits and lifestyle changes that work fabulously for them!


Contact us to discover various ways you can get plugged into a community tailored to your specific needs. As humans, we are wired for connection and expression, ideally in a safe, trusting environment with like-minded individuals. Give us a call to discover more resources we provide!




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