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lifestyle medicine Nov 08, 2022

Why are we unique? We join forces with medical communities that have the same vision as us: to help patients on their way to recovery, with a personal and integrative approach.We think that everybody should have access to nutritious food, wellness education, efficient natural healing tools, community support,... all of which are shown to impact chronic illness favorably. Our patients want to get better through lifestyle changes and natural methods instead of being completely dependent on medicine prescribed by doctors.


Our services have proven to significantly improve health outcomes of those suffering from metabolic diseases, diabetes, autoimmunity, cancer, brain and neurological diseases, sleep disorders, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, and more.


The provided virtual and in-person group opportunities are open to all, as we collaborate with other primary care physicians who refer patients to our services. 

Don’t have a PCP? We can provide you with medical support of our own for those who need primary care and deeper personalized care. 


Community-based Care 

The past two years have shown us how harmful social isolation can be to our physical and mental health, especially for those suffering from chronic illness. Our empowering and diverse community opportunities offer a safe, non-judgmental space to discover physical healing tools, develop self awareness and emotional growth, and achieve desired health outcomes. We offer both virtual and in-person options for those who have demanding schedules or enjoy group visits from the comfort of their home. If you're not sure where to start, our practitioners will guide you through a care plan that's tailored just for you.


Patients will have the opportunity to plug into a community of their choice, based on who they believe they will resonate with, their desired health outcomes, personal needs, and desired services.


Take a look at our latest options!:

Technology Guided Neurotherapy

Virtual access to personalized Neurotherapy training based on your specific goals and current mental state. Protocols medically tailored to you, consist of brain training games and neurofeedback activities, designed to condition your brain to function within its brainwave target range. With practice, consistency, and ongoing monitoring, Myndlift is shown to improve focus, mood, and mental state. 



Culinary Medicine: Kitchen Behavior Training

- Where food meets medicine-

Come learn with Ruben Lespron, Registered Dietician, and Lifestyle Chef Franklin as they show you how food can be used to heal your body. In this virtual group space, you will have the opportunity to explore new tastes, textures, and flavors while also learning sustainable meal prepping and cooking strategies.



Intensive Health Transformations Program

A community-driven program designed by doctors and coaches who passionately guide members toward health and resiliency through education, compassionate guidance, empathy, and ongoing accountability within a safe and supportive virtual space. Heal Community values trust with the support of members' providers, as the Heal team communicates members' progress with their established provider team. The goal is to not only heal physically but undergo character transformation through group sessions, like-minded members, and personalized one on one care.



Prescription meals: 

Medically Tailored Meals are meals that are sometimes covered by medical insurance. We prescribe ours through the cleanest source of food: Nutrition for Longevity. They provide high quality, organic, plant-based meals designed to support metabolic and immune function. This is where food meets evidence-based medicine, as the meals are prescribed and tailored specifically to your medical needs. Nutrition for Longevity meals are intentionally prepped, pre-cooked, and delivered to your doorstep to make healthy eating manageable AND individualized.



TCLM University:

Many people prefer to go at their own pace or remain anonymous when it comes to health. So, we created an online membership site where you can have access to tips, tricks, and education that will help transform your health! You can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Members receive disease-focused educational videos, resources, and exercises designed to provide background information about chronic illness and the steps you can take to heal. Medical providers, coaches, and experts provide hope for healing by addressing underlying causes of disease and providing a roadmap for patients to embrace resiliency and healing.



In-Person and Virtual Group Visit Coaching

In group visit settings, we offer a safe space to share, grow, learn, and heal together as we tackle difficult but extremely necessary topics for the wellbeing of our tribe. We know how it feels to suffer in the shadows, so we believe it is important to give a voice to those who have felt unheard, misunderstood, and lost in the medical system, or even your family system. Mind-Body sessions provide powerful, hands-on activities to regulate emotions, resolve trauma, develop healthy coping skills and connect the mind to the body through breath, meditation and intentional movement. We know that chronic illnesses have a major mental component that is often a piece missing in traditional care. With community support, we empower you to step out of the shell you may have been existing in and into the authentic, healthy you.



Brain Mapping

Have you ever felt as though something was physically highjacking your brain? Maybe you feel a bit more foggy than usual, exhausted, or just mentally off. Many of our patients who have struggled with memory issues, mood changes, neurological disorders, or decreased emotional wellbeing have benefited tremendously from undergoing brain mapping to determine physiological contributors to their brain health. Brainview's cutting-edge brain mapping technology has enabled us to pinpoint a wide variety of issues, ranging from dental infections and sleep disorders to sinus problems and inflammatory diseases. This state-of-the-art equipment allows our patients to get to the root of their health issues so they can not only heal their brains, but also improve their relationships, emotional regulation, energy levels, and overall mental health.


Learn, grow, connect and be empowered to step into a meaningful healing journey!




Nutrition for Longevity:






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