Provider Care at TCLM

This year, take your health into your own hands through individualized care plans delivered by conventional, integrative, and functional medicine-trained practitioners at TCLM.


How do our provider services differ from any other clinic?

Our providers here at TCLM know that every patient is unique. Rather than treating each of our patients the same, we operate by tailoring treatment plans specific to each patient’s history, goals, specific barriers to their well-being, and the overall picture of their current health status.


When assessing a patient’s needs, we practice integrative, individualized care, meaning we do not neglect the important role of addressing both the physical and mental aspects of healing, allowing care to be holistically driven. Our providers take great care to address the whole package of healing and wellness, as we know that the mind is so connected to the body and vice versa.

Providers here do not solely rely on traditional lab work to diagnose and treat but use in-depth testing required to get to the potential root cause(s) of chronic illness. When prescribing medications, supplements, and any lifestyle or conventional protocol, the whole picture of the individual's health is taken into consideration for a unique, case-by-case delivery of care.


Here at TCLM, we help our patients manage, treat, and prevent chronic illnesses. We believe that everyone should have access to nutritious food, wellness education, efficient natural healing tools, and community support... all of which are shown to impact chronic illness favorably. Our patients desire to get better through lifestyle changes and natural methods instead of being completely dependent on prescribed medications. Our providers work with patients to support lifestyle and conventional means of reaching this common goal shared amongst our patients. Therefore, practitioners prescribe more than just medication, but coaching visits, educational workshops, nutrition plans, supplements, sleep assessments, and any other services that they believe will benefit the health of each patient.


For our medical providers in the clinic, healing and wellness are very personal. Each one of us has our unique healing journey with its own set of obstacles. Because the providers on our team know what it is like to struggle with health and desire alternative routes to health, our practitioners guide patients with powerful healing and diagnostic tools, compassion, understanding, and genuine support.


Many of our patients love that we collaborate with their external healthcare providers and other specialists and experts, ensuring that thorough care is provided.


Our services have proven to significantly improve the health outcomes of those suffering from metabolic diseases, diabetes, autoimmunity, cancer, brain and neurological diseases, sleep disorders, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, and more.


Don’t have a PCP? We can provide you with the medical support you need for primary care and deeper personalized care. Contact us today to get your health journey started!


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