From Pain to Empowerment: Libbie's Story

mental health mind body Mar 15, 2024

Most of us have or will experience grief in our lifetime, but very few of us are prepared to know how to navigate the healing process, which is often life-long. Libbie is a testament to resilience and finding joy through suffering. After meeting with Libbie, we decided her story is so impactful that we want to share it with you! Libbie Vaughan founded the Dance Yourself Home Program after experiencing the devastating loss of her husband to suicide.

Libbie's journey began with the heart-wrenching realization that her husband was battling severe anxiety and depression. As his condition worsened, he found it increasingly difficult to cope with the demands of daily life, eventually reaching a point where he could no longer work and had to go on disability. Events leading up to this included a major job layoff during the pandemic, total isolation and abandonment by friends, and increased anxiety. Libbie found herself being the only support system for her husband, while working full time....

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