Transforming Trauma

Trauma is an injury to our mind, body, and spirit. It's quite evident that trauma can change the way we process emotions, the state of our mind, and our mental functioning. However, many are not aware of just how much trauma impacts our physiology. When we undergo trauma, it causes changes to the structure of our brain, cellular performance, epigenetic expression, hormone and neurological balance. Most of us associate trauma with extreme tragedies, such as war, abuse, natural disasters, etc. These are indeed quite obviously traumatic. However, there are other forms of trauma often referred to as "little 't' traumas" that have impacted or will impact all of us at some point. These could include traumatic experiences such as being raised in a dysfunctional home, growing up with a parent who struggled with addiction, managing a chronic illness, experiencing loss, etc.


When we undergo trauma, whether the experience was a major or minor traumatic experience, it can manifest in...

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