How Oral Health Impacts our Overall Health

What is the difference between biological and holistic dentistry versus conventional dentistry? This is an important question that many of our patients ask when referred to a dental/upper airway specialist. More research has shown that there is indeed a drastic connection between our oral health, mouth structure, jaw and skull structure, and the development of chronic illnesses.

Periodontal disease has been connected to heart disease, cardiovascular issues, metabolic issues, increased, inflammatory responses, poor immune function, hormone imbalances, and blocked lymphatic drainage, pathways. There have been even research studies, showing a connection between infected teeth and development of inflammatory diseases. We do not wish to add a sense of fear to our patients, but we do always want to ensure that we are providing our patients with education related to disease, prevention and treatment options.

Therefore, our providers may ask you questions related to your oral history and health that may seem irrelevant, but do indeed hold a lot of weight when it comes to chronic illness.  Such questions may be those related to dental hygiene, history of root canals, mercury and metal fillings, extractions, and more. Often structural issues of the mouth/jaw show up as teeth grinding, sleep apnea and blocked/narrow airways, mouth breathing, and more.
Often, sleep issues that are causing a wide array of other physical and mental imbalances can be corrected by upper airway and structural treatments. It is so important to work with a team of specialists to prevent and treat chronic illnesses that may be stemming from a lack of oxygen due to structural issues.
Therefore, we have added several specialists to our list of referring providers, especially those involved in mouth and dental care who are very familiar with upper airway issues, and the connection between sleep disorders, chronic illness, and structural issues/jaw issues. This has provided solutions for those who have been struggling for years with chronic fatigue, poor quality sleep, poor immune and metabolic function, and even those who have struggled with brain and mental health issues.
We would love to help you get to the root of your health. It often takes a village, but at TCLM, we cover all of the bases with you!
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