Supporting our Fibromyalgia Community & Improving Patient Outcomes

At TCLM, we understand how difficult it can be to battle the symptoms of complex, chronic conditions. Often, patients state that they have felt lost in the system, unheard, or passed around to various specialists with no real answers. Many who feel this way are those suffering from symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Unfortunately, those with this condition are often left to their own devices when managing these symptoms and are generally misunderstood or untreated by the medical community.. That is why we have partnered with specialists who have unique insights into the pathophysiology of fibromyalgia development and ways to begin treating the root cause(s) of fibromyalgia.


Professionals on our team have met with various knowledgeable health professionals who are dedicated to unpacking the intricacies behind the development of complex conditions, and those who struggle with fibromyalgia. Such specialists within our ecosystem consist of chiropractors, sleep specialists, orthodontics, myofascial experts, biological dentists, airway specialists, and more. Together, we are collaborating to reach the shared goal of improving patient outcomes.


We collaborate with these specialists and organizations in order to spread awareness about this condition, uncover its many layers, and provide support for those affected by it. Our events include group visits where individuals can learn more about root causes of fibromyalgia as well as treatments that will help them improve the contributing factors that cause symptoms, rather than just placing a temporary band aid to mask physical pain.


We will begin to host workshops, events, and group visits to provide education and a list of treatment options, and emotional support to cope with symptoms and pain. We have found that the group support and dedication from health experts, cause those struggling to not feel alone in their healing journey. It also gives many fibro sufferers hope, knowing that many experts in the feeling are working to discover lasting solutions to heal.


Be on the lookout for upcoming group visit announcements regarding fibromyalgia group visits, events, and more!


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